1st Horde (Clan Hell's Horses)

1st Horde Cluster.jpg
First Horde Cluster
Unit Profile (as of c. 3080)
Parent Formation Fire Horse Galaxy
Formed late 3080s


Needing to come up with a way to make use of their limited resources, an idea was created and was approved by the Clan Hell's Horses Clan Council.[1]


In the late 3080s, the commanding officer was Star Colonel Domnall Seidman.[1]


The Mangudai Trinary uses its speed to flank the enemy and use hit-and-run tactics to draw the enemy out of its position to allow the Tulughma Trinary to be used as a hammer. The attached Supernova is used to assist wherever it is needed. Their tactics were the basis for the new Mongol Doctrine for the Clan.[1]

Composition History[edit]

Mangudai Trinary - consisting of mainly light vehicles and 'Mechs with few in the medium weight class.

Tulughma Trinary - consisting of heavy and assault vehicles and 'Mechs.

Support Supernova - consisting of infantry.


Game Rules[edit]


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