1st Kell Hounds

1st Kell Hounds Regiment - The Wild Hunters
Unit Profile (as of 3067)
CO Lt. Colonel Akira Brahe
JumpShips yes
DropShips yes
Aerospace yes
Armor no
Infantry yes


The First Kell Hounds regiment is the core of the Kell Hounds. Founded by Morgan and Patrick Kell with money left to them by Arthur Luvon, their first contract was with the Lyran Commonwealth.

They served on Mallory's World, recovering First Prince Ian Davion's body after he was killed. In 3026 the Kell Hounds were responsible for rescuing Melissa Steiner and the DropShip Silver Eagle from the Genyosha.[1]

The Hounds have also trained extensively with and against Clan Wolf-in-Exile forces on Arc-Royal.[1]


During the liberation of Tharkad, the First Kell Hounds fought the 37th Division.[2] After the 37th Division decided to withdraw from Tharkad the First Kell Hounds kept the pressure on, fighting the Word of Blake soldiers even as they tried to enter their DropShips. The fighting was so intense that only a third of the Blakist unit was able to leave the world.[3]


As of 3067 Lieutenant Colonel Akira Brahe is the commanding officer.[1] Though he retired in late 3067, he resumed command in 3069.[4] He commanded the unit when it freed Tharkad from the Word of Blake.[5]

At some point during the early Jihad, Christian Kell (a second generation Kell Hound) took command of the regiment. He was killed in 3070 while fighting the Word of Blake.


The unit uses highly complex maneuvers to confuse an enemy. They are known to harass an enemy's flanks with smaller units. Each Battalion contains a specially trained company:[6]

  • The Dragon Dogs - 3rd Company: The unit is trimmed for urban operation.[6]
  • The Wild Dogs - 3rd Company: The unit prefers amphibious operations and can surprise an enemy from unexpected directions.[6]
  • The Mutts - 3rd Company: This unit can fight in jungle environments.[6]


The regiment can count on an experienced technical staff, provided by the Arc-Royal MechWorks and the Wolves-in-Exile.

Composition History[edit]


The Wild Hunters(Reinforced Regiment/Elite/Fanatical)[6]

  • CO: Lieutenant Colonel Akira Brahe
  • XO/ 1st Battalion (The Dragon Dogs) - Major Christian Kell
  • 2nd Battalion (The Wild Dogs) - Major Sara O'Cathain
  • 3rd Battalion (The Mutts) - Major Tomas Rochefort

- The unit contains a company of clan mechs and the entire regiment is completely upgraded.

The Bird Dogs(Wing/Elite/Fanatical)[6]

  • Wing Commander: Major R.O.B. "Rob" Kirk

- The three squadrons, Raven, Crow, Blackbird, are supported by the command element. - All 22 fighters are fully upgraded.

The Pit Bulls(Battalion/Elite/Fanatical)[6]

  • Troop Commander: Major Michlan Finn

- The unit contain a mix of infantry forces, with 1 command squad (10 troopers), 1 jump infantry company (50 troopers) and 2 battle armor companies (24 troopers => 2 clan squads + 1 squad of Fenrir)


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