1st NAIS Cadet Cadre

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1st NAIS Cadet Cadre
Unit Profile (as of 3062)
Nickname Warriors of Virtue
Parent Formation College of Martial Sciences Cadet Cadre


Clan Invasion[edit]

As of 3050, the 1st NAIS Cadet Cadre was based on its homeworld Exeter.[1]

By 3054, they had been relocated to Schedar.[2]

Civil War[edit]

During the FedCom Civil War, the 1st NAIS was the garrison of Tikonov. When it became clear that their loyalties are pro-Victor, Katherine Steiner-Davion ordered the attack of the 15th Deneb Light Cavalry. The Valexa CMM came to aid the 1st NAIS, but they were still outmatched. Later, in 3064, the pro-Katherine 3rd Republican Guards also arrived on Tikonov. In early 3065 Victor's task-force attacked Tikonov, saving the remains of the 1st NAIS.[3]

Later, when Victor's forces had to retreat, the 1st NAIS, the Valexa militia and the 6th Crucis Lancers stayed on Tikonov to hold out, until the offensive had gained new momentum. The 1st NAIS joined with Victor's forces for the final battle on New Avalon, attacking Avalon City and taking losses from an artillery strike by the 299th Division.[4]


In 3078 Princess-Regent Yvonne Steiner-Davion signed the Academy Appropriations War Powers Act. This act conscripted the surviving members of the Training Cadre into the AFFS. As a result, the First Cadre was disbanded in 3078 and integrated into the Davion Brigade of Guards. The future of the Cadre is unknown, but if reconstituted it will likely follow the LCT model.[5]

The First NAIS Cadet Cadre was reformed in 3085. The new cadre unit found itself undergoing a shift in tactics. Where it formerly had only light and medium 'Mechs, the First Cadre now employs cavalry tactics employed by any appropriate unit, regardless of weight class. These tactics focus primarily on the hit and run tactics used by the defenders of New Avalon. The battle armor used by the First Cadre is primarily of heavy and assault classes. Once the First Cadre was formed, it deployed to Kathil where its student-soldiers mirrored the Davion Heavy Guards RCT.[6]


In 3025 the commanding officer of the cadre is Major General Donna Iona.[7]

As of 3044 to 3062 the commanding officer was Leftenant General Jonathon Sanchez.[1][2] [8]

As of 3067 the Cadre was commanded by Leftenant General William Vermillion.[9]

There was no commanding officer in 3079.[5]

As of 3085 the commanding officer was Leftenant General Evan Krey.[10]


The 1st Cadre relies on isolating parts of an enemy force to destroy piece-meal in combat.[8]

Composition History[edit]


1st NAIS Cadet Cadre (Green/Fanatical)[7]

  • CO: Major General Donna Iona


1st NAIS Cadet Cadre (Green/Fanatical)[11]

3050 to 3054[edit]

1st NAIS Cadet BattleMech Regiment (1 Regiment/Green/Fanatical)[1][2]


1st NAIS Cadet BattleMech Regiment (1 Regiment/Green/Fanatical)[8]

- (light 'Mechs only)

1st NAIS Cadet Wing (1 Wing/Green/Fanatical)[8]

- light Fighters only

1st NAIS Cavalry Regiment (1 Regiment/Green/Fanatical)[8]

  • CO: Colonel Tessa Lee-Davis

- light vehicles only

1st NAIS Cadet Armored Infantry Battalion (1 Battalion/Green/Fanatical)[8]

  • CO: Major Mel Goldsmith


1st NAIS Cadre (Veteran/Fanatical)[9]

  • CO: Leftenant General William Vermillion

1st NAIS Cadre Air (Wing/Veteran/Fanatical)[9]

  • CO: Major Dana Epps

1st NAI Cadre Armored Infantry (Battalion/Veteran/Fanatical)[9]

  • CO: Major Hem Dusay

1st NAIS Cadre Cavalry Regiment (Veteran/Fanatical)[9]

  • CO: Colonel Polydeuces Kimmich


The First Cadre's equipment was placed in storage as the Cadre had no soldiers to crew it.[5]


1st NAIS Cadre (Green/Fanatical)[10]

  • CO: Leftenant General Evan Krey

1st NAIS Cadre Air (Wing/Green/Fanatical)[10]

  • CO: Leftenant General Kana Murakami

1st NAIS Cadre Armored Infantry (Battalion/Green/Reliable)[10]

  • CO: Major Orson Inson

1st NAIS Cadre Cavalry (Regiment/Green/Fanatical)[10]

  • CO: Colonel Ali Cleary



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