1st Rasalhague Regulars

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1st Rasalhague Regulars
Unit Profile (as of 2750)
Nickname The Alpha Ophiuchi Regulars[1]
Parent Formation Rasalhague Regulars
Formed 2730[1]



The Founding of the 1st Rasalhague Regulars on Rasalhague in 2730 was something of a public relations coup for both the Draconis Combine and the DCMS. The 1st was modelled on the Striker-pattern regiments used by the SLDF and was based around light and medium 'Mechs, with organic AeroSpace Fighter support. The 1st contained a large proportion of 'Mechs designed by the Star League and produced either in the Combine or purchased as SLDF surplus, including a complete company of Land-Air 'Mechs produced by LexaTech Industries on Irece. The high technological standard of the 1st made it stand out amongst the ranks of DCMS units, particularly given the Combine's tendancy to lag behind the neighbouring Lyran Commonwealth in terms of military technological advancement.[1]



Composition History[edit]


The 1st were equipped predominantly with high-tech designs produced within the Draconis Combine or available as SLDF-surplus. This included a company of LAMs.[1]




  • When generating units via the Random Assignment Tables, one in four units from the 1st, rounding down, may be replaced with a unit from the Star League Random Assignment Table.[2]
  • A Time Of War characters attached to the 1st receive a -2tTP Reputation Trait.[2]


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