1st Wolf Legion (Clan Wolf-in-Exile)

1st Wolf Legion
Unit Profile (as of 3072)
Nickname "Stalking Death"
Parent Formation Alpha Galaxy
Formed 3057

Unit Description[edit]

The 1st Wolf Legion is a Clan Wolf (in Exile) formation formed from elements of the original Clan Wolf's 279th and 328th Assault Clusters.[1]


The unit fought against Clan Jade Falcon in the Refusal War. Among others, a Turkina was taken isorla.[citation needed]

During the Jade Falcon incursion of 3064, the unit fought against the Jade Falcon 7th Talon on Blue Hole and defeated them.[2]

During the Jihad, the 1st joined ComStar Precentor Martial Victor Steiner-Davion's allied force to liberate Donegal in 3072. Where they fought the Word of Blake's 18th Division & 50th Shadow Division in a hard struggle to control the planet. 50th concentrated on 1st Wolf and its allied ComStar 116th Division. However, Lyran forces managed to damage 18th Division and cause the 50th withdraw from attacks leading to the liberation of the planet.[3][4]


Commanding officer as of 3064 is Star Colonel Daphne Vickers.




  • 5 Trinaries


Their unit sign is a wolf-pack on a mountain-top, in front of a rising half-moon.


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