202nd Mechanized Infantry Division

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202nd Mechanized Infantry Division
Unit Profile (as of 2784)
Nickname The Pride of Cuba
Parent Formation LIX Corps
Formed unknown


The 202nd Mechanized Infantry Division or the Pride of Cuba was a part of the Star League Defense Force Regular Army.[1]


The 202nd formed a part of LIX Corps, Twentieth Army.

In 2763, the had moral issues, stationed on Strandfontein, the unit had lost half of it's assigned territory to the Rim Worlds Republic armed forces. Under the command of Major General Liam Garvey, VI Corp determined that the general needed to be relieved of command, dispatching General Covington from Army headquarters on Loxley to replace him. On his arrival, the sentries for the 202nd refused General Covington entry into the Division's base. Though completely legal to refuse him entry, Covington eventually managed to gain entry to the Division HQ and relived Gravey of command.[2]

By 2764 was stationed on an undisclosed world in the Rim Worlds Republic Territorial State.[1]

The 202nd survived the Periphery Uprising, but took heavy losses during the Hegemony Campaign and by 2784 the division had been disbanded. A single Regiment of the 202nd joined the Capellan Confederation forming the core of the 10th Confederation Reserve Cavalry, after the division was disbanded.[1][3]


In 2762, the commanding officer was Major General Liam Gravey prior being relieved in 2763. [4] He was succeeded by Major General Jonas Covington.[5]


The Mechanised Infantry Divisions of the Star League were used offensively to exploit gaps in the enemy front created by the BattleMech Divisions. They also bore the brunt of defensive actions.

Composition History[edit]

The Division comprised two Brigades of Mechanised Infantry and a single BattleMech Brigade. Also attached was a Ground Aero Wing.[6]


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