214th Jaguar Dragoons (Clan Smoke Jaguar)

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214th Jaguar Dragoons
Unit Profile (as of 3052)
Nickname Unknown
Parent Formation Beta Galaxy
Formed Unknown

The 214th Jaguar Dragoons was a front line military formation of Clan Smoke Jaguar.


Operation Revival[edit]

The 214th fought on the following worlds during the invasion of the Inner Sphere:

Wave Two[edit]

  • Chupadero - The Dragoons quickly gained air superiority allowing the First Assault Trinary to smash the defending Armour Brigade; forcing them to take shelter in the Billoc Tunnels, however the Trinary followed them inside and finished them off. [1]

Wave Three[edit]

  • Kabah - The defending Kabah Knights were defeated on the Jousting Grounds of the Palace, only three survived to become bondsmen.[1] Civilians on the planet attempted a guerilla campaign to little effect, but a number of Smoke Jaguar warriors proved vulnerable to a hemorragic fever native to the planet. The population of the planet had developed a natural resistance to the disease that the Smoke Jaguar warriors lacked; the casualties included almost an entire Point of Elementals located near Sayil.[2]

Wave Five[edit]

  • Avon - The defending 2nd Amphigean Legion opted for a guerilla campaign. The 214th Dragoons sent out head-hunters to eliminate the Amphigean command following it with a crushing assault that saw the Legion wiped out.[3]


  • Star Captain Wesley Moon 30??-3052 - First Trinary Assault.[1]
  • One of the sub-units of the 214th, identified only as Epsilon Point, was known to be led by Point Commander Kenneth in June 3050; his Point was responsible for attempting to track down terrorist activity near Sayil on Kabah, and one of his Warriors - Anja, an Elemental of the Osis bloodline, was badly injured by the terrorists and another Elemental named Hector was killed in the ambush that inflicted Anja's injuries. Epsilon Point proved vulnerable to the hemorragic fever native to Kabah, with Anja dying of a combination of her injuries and the fever; also known to have been killed by the fever was Martin, an Elemental who, like Kenneth, was from the Moon bloodline. The fifth Elemental of the Point, Rachel was serving alongside Kenneth when both were buried under tons of rock, and isn't certain if Rachel survived the ambush or not.[2]


The Dragoons were know to employ small head-hunting units.

Composition History[edit]



  • Trinary Command
  • First Assault Trinary
  • Second Assault Trinary
  • Aerospace Trinary


  • There is no mention of the 214th after the middle of the Fifth Wave of Operation Revival, so it is possible the unit either rotated back to the Clan homeworlds, or, more likely, was destroyed on Tukayyid as they are not recorded as fighting on Luthien.


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