21st Illician Rangers

21st Illician Rangers: Drop-And-Stop
Unit Profile (as of 3067)
CO Colonel Aynsley Zibler
JumpShips no
DropShips yes
Aerospace yes
Armor yes
Infantry yes


Formed for airborne missions and other special force tasks, in the past the unit included enough Dropships to support a quick relocation. The unit worked closely together with the Star League Defense Force as instructors. During the Succession Wars, they lost most of their sophisticated equipment and reorganized for their new operations. The lancers worked for the AFFS (and later the AFFC) for the last two centuries, and were a feared opponent in the CCAF.

In the Third Succession War elements of the Twenty-first Illician Lancers faced the Black Widow Company on Galtor III.[1]

The Twenty-first Rangers and 4th Rangers captured together with other mercs Gei-Fu. The 3rd Capellan Defence Force had no change and were annihillated. Later in the Operation the regiment captured Imalda. The Fifth Capellan Reserve Cavalry with support of the Death Commandos forced the Twenty-first to a retreat.

After the end of the Jihad, the Twenty-First Illician Rangers were stationed on Keuterville, a world along the Federated Suns/Taurian Concordat border.[2]


As of 3067 Colonel Aynsley Zibler commands the 21st Illician Lancers regiment.

In 3145 the commanding officer was Colonel Kenneth Ramaley.[3]


The Twenty-first specializes in airborne operations and high-risk combat insertions, and regularly performs maneuvers that most others would never consider.

Dragoon Ratings[edit]

Dragoon Rating: Unrated

Composition History[edit]


2nd Illician Lancers – 21st Rangers (Regular/Reliable) [4]

  • CO: Colonel Roy Barnard


21st Illician Rangers(1 Regiment/Regular/Fanatical)

- 7 Companies are Jumpcaple - 2 Companies without Jump Jets are grouped seperatly

13th Illician Air Guard(1 Reinforced Wings/Elite/Fanatical)

  • CO: Major Duilio Arquette

- 3 Squdarons for close ground support through heavy fighters - 3 Flies for cargo duties

25th Armored Cavalry Regiment(1 Regiment/Veteran/Reliable)

  • CO: Lieutenant Colonel Stephanie Wayland

- 1 Battalion design for saault combat - 2 Battalions with lighter equipment

55th Mechanized Cavalry( 1 Regiment/Veteran/Fanatical)

  • CO: Lieutenant Colonel Larry Patton

- Trained as paratroopers and in the use of Jump Packs - They can operate for a longer period without support


The 21st Illician Rangers were reduced to two-thirds of their pre-Jihad strength.[2]


21st Illician Rangers (Veteran/Reliable)[3]

  • CO: Colonel Kenneth Ramaley


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