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  • Clinically depressed Tatyana Steiner commits suicide on the eve of her older brothers' double wedding ceremony.
    • Archon Michael Steiner marries Regina McQuiston.
    • Steven Steiner marries Margaret Olsen.
    • Less than a month after the double wedding a devastating earthquake hits Tharkad City. Triad is almost completely destroyed and thousands killed including 67 representatives of the Estates General and Regina McQuiston, but Tatyana's illegitimate infant son Robert Steiner miraculously survives.


  • Grief stricken Michael Steiner renounces the Archonship to lead the LCAF against a Draconis Combine attempt to retake Nox where he dies.


  • Terran Hegemony creates jump jets for BattleMechs.
  • General Mechanics, Incorporated produces the WSP-1A Wasp BattleMech.
  • Corean Enterprises introduces the Hector BattleMech
  • Norse BattleMech Works introduces the WVR-1R Wolverine BattleMech