249th Mechanized Infantry Division

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249th Mechanized Infantry Division
Unit Profile (as of 2764)
Nickname The Force from Ford
Parent Formation LIV Corps
Formed unknown


The 249th Mechanized Infantry Division was a part of the Star League Defense Force Regular Army.


In 2764, the unit was stationed on Susulatna[1], assigned as a part of the LIV Corps, Fourth Army, to District 3 of the Federated Suns Military Region, but was moved to an undisclosed area of the Periphery in 2765.[2] The 249th was destroyed during the Periphery Uprising.[2]


The commanding officer in 2764 was Major General Alec Coston.[3]


The Mechanised Infantry Divisions of the Star League were used offensively to exploit gaps in the enemy front created by the BattleMech Divisions. They also bore the brunt of defensive actions.

Composition History[edit]

The Division comprised two Brigades of Mechanised Infantry and a single BattleMech Brigade. Also attached was a Ground Aero Wing.[4]


  • 2491st BattleMech Brigade [3]
  • Heavy Assault Regiment
  • Striker Regiment
  • Battle Regiment
  • 2495th Ground Aero Wing


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