24th Arcturan Guards

24th arcturan guards.gif
24th Arcturan Guards BattleMech Regiment
Unit Profile (as of 3054)
Nickname The Red Indians
Parent Formation Arcturan Guards

Unit Description[edit]

The 24th Arcturan Guards was a House Steiner Regular skilled BattleMech Regiment assigned to periphery section of the Commonwealth, prior to the unit's destruction.


Fourth Succession War[edit]

The unit was part of the Fourth Succession War's Operation Gotterdammerung. During the invasion of the Draconis Combine, the unit was teamed up with the 25th Arcturan Guards for their tasks in war.

Basiliano Invasion & Other Actions[edit]

In the first attack the War in August 3028, the 24th & 25th Arcturans invaded world of Basiliano. During their initial three weeks of fight was frustrating as Combine's defending force, the Night Stalker's McGavin's Regiment, out maneuvered them due to their lighter 'Mechs. The 24th's lightning companies ('Light Mech Companies) were able to keep the McGavin's Mechs from completely outclassing them heaviler and slower compliments of the Lyran regiments.

This left the Night Stalkers on the run. However, the Night Stalker's ran room to maneuver when they were cornered outside the city of Padua.

The 24th Arcturans and the Blackhearts mercenary regiment manage to tie-up Night Stalkers regiment long enough for the 25th Arcturans' Lightning company of 'mechs were transported where lyran forces would hope force enemy head to. Here, Colonel McGavin made mistake attempt fight both 24th and 25th's speedy 'Mech companies, which lead Lyran heavier reinforcements catching up to them pounded the Night Stalkers. The Stalkers escaped by sarcifing a company of their heavy 'Mechs the 24th's taskforce three regimential trap.[1]

The unit went on with its pairings to take Combine worlds of Hohenems & Unzmarkt in last stages of the War.[2]

War of 3039[edit]

The unit was not utilized for the War of 3039 in direct combat. It was dispatched to Port Moseby where it took up garrison duties for duration of the war prior to it being redeployed back to its original garrison world of Dell.[3]

The 3040s[edit]

During the formation of the Federated Commonwealth, the 24th Arcturans were re-configured into a Regimental Combat Team.[4]

Clan Invasion[edit]

In September 3050 during the the Clan Invasion, Clan Wolf invaded Dell Star System. Alpha Galaxy's bidded its Golden Keshik & 4th Wolf Guards take planet from the 24th Acturans. Marshal Shremp, prepared 24th Arcturans in fortifications within the planet's massive megaplex known as Cosmpololis expecting Wolves attack the the massive urban area.

However, leading the attack, Wolf Khan Ulric Kerensky had other plans. The Wolves forces stayed just out of the Arcturan's defensive positions, only attempt skirmishes with them. This drew the conflict out and created psycological pressure on them. Fed up with situation, Marshal Shremp dispatched majority of her force to attack the 4th Wolf Guards. The Arcturans entered the Mercer Valley, where they entered hidden vibrabomb minefield and precisely laid out killing zones lead to the unit destruction with few survivors.[5][6]


As of 3050 to 3054 the commanding office of the unit was Marshal Grace Shremp[7]


Composition History[edit]


24th Arcturan Guards (Regular/Reliable)[8]


24th Arcturan Guards (Regular/Reliable)[9]


24th Arcturan Guards (Regiment)[7]

  • CO: Marshal Grace Shremp


24th Arcturan Guards RCT (Veteran/Reliable)[10]

  • CO: Marshal Grace Shremp



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