292nd League Regulars

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292nd League Regulars
Unit Profile (as of 3085)
Parent Formation Gryphons
Formed unknown

The 292nd League Regulars are a specialist Jump Infantry Regiment in service to the FWLM.


The recovery of LosTech allowed the Free Worlds League to reintroduce the 292nd League Regulars. The unit's specialized nature and equipment didn't survive the early Succession Wars, and so it was disbanded. However when the League recovered the technology, they re-formed the specialized Jump Infantry unit. Each platoon of twenty-one troops is equipped with six man-portable anti-aircraft guns and fifteen standard autorifles. Their jump packs allow them to leap into the sky and bring their anti-aircraft guns to bear on enemy air- and aerospace craft. Their successful use by the Gryphons regiment of the Silver Hawk Irregulars inspired several other similar units across the FWLM.[1]



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