2nd Freemen (Clan Ghost Bear)

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2nd Freemen.jpg
2nd Freeman
Unit Profile (as of 3145)
Nickname Strength Through Growth
Parent Formation Freemen
Formed 3034[1]

Unit Description[edit]

The Second Freemen was a combat unit that served both the Free Rasalhague Republic and later Rasalhague Dominion under the direct command of Clan Ghost Bear.


Formation and the Ronin Wars[edit]

Like the First Freeman, the Second's origin can be traced to smaller infantry units from border world, but they saw no fighting during the Ronin Wars. During the Ronin Wars, the unit operated as a garrison force. It was providentially used to as garrison force starting in July 3034, when it was sent to Engadin. The Second was there to relieve the Second Genyosha just after they had completed it's extermination of survivors of the Ninth Rasalhague Regulars after shattering the unit during its attack in June.[2]

The Clan Invasion[edit]

During Operation Revival the regiment was stationed on Hainfeld. The world was defended by a large garrison force, which lacked sufficient air defense capabilities. The assaulting Wolf Clan task force (Green Keshik, Nega and Dorbeng Garrison Clusters) made a night combat drop at the capital. The Freeman retreated off-world to avoid damage to the civilian infrastructure.[3]

Both sides met again on Carse in February 3052. The invaders (Red Keshik, 11th Wolf Guards, 37th Striker Cluster) landed far away from all important objectives. The CO of the Freeman used his scouts and set a series of engagements. The bad weather conditions hampered the Clan, preventing the use of its AeroSpace Fighters. The Second inflicted serious damage on several Wolf Clan units before withdrawing to Ueda.[4] Also on Carse was approximately a quarter of the Twenty-third Arcturan Guards RCT, who had refused orders to redeploy; these forces fought alongside the Second Freemen, but where the Freeman managed to escape with approximately half their forces, only a handful of personnel from the Guards escaped; included among the casualties and captured prisoners were two regiments from the Guards infantry brigade, most notably the Seventy-third Guards Jump Regiment.[5]

Clan Invasion Era and Raiding the Ghost Bear Dominion[edit]

After the Truce of Tukayyid the Kungsarme shipped a great deal of equipment to the Second Freemen, hoping to put more effective weapons in the hands of soldiers who could use it. Once the unit was rebuilt, it became a symbol of Rasalhague's determination to resist the Clans, expanding into a Regimental Combat Team by 3062.[6]

In 3065 the Second Freemen were assigned to probe the territory claimed by Clan Ghost Bear. During this expedition they met the 1st Rasalhague Bears, a Cluster commanded by Ragnar Magnusson. Rather than engage their Elected Prince in combat, the Second withdrew.[7]

The Jihad, Joining the Ghost Bear's Dominion, and Rebellion[edit]

Ice Hellion Raids of 3076[edit]

In early 3076 during the Jihad, the Second Freemen helped to fight off Clan Ice Hellion raids in the Dominion. Half completed it's conversion to a true Clan Cluster, they fought notably on Pinnacle and Damian. The unit was one of three clusters of former Rasalhague troops who had responded to series of multiple interplanetary raids. The Second had teamed up with the Third Drakøn and Second Kavalleri. It was around Damian’s capital city is where they began to put stop to renegade Hellions. The Cluster size Hellion troops fought the under strength ex-KungsArmé troops to a standstill, when the fighting moved to the wooded outskirts of the capital city where Second Freemen and other troops managed put down the Hellion's raids despite the damage incurred in the fighting.[8]

Rasalhague Rebellion[edit]

The unit was reorganized into a Clan style Cluster around this same time. In October 3076 warriors from the Second refused to return to their base and participate in the Trials of Position mandated by the merger of the Republic with Clan Ghost Bear. The unit would rebel against the reorganization with the First Kavalleri, where they would face their own countrymen in stand off. In November the First Tyr would be dispatch to Trondheim to meet with the rebels of Second Freemen. However, talks between the two ex-KungsArme' unit would devolve into open warfare. In the resulting battle, the Second Freemen were all but destroyed with only six MechWarriors left alive, none of it's BattleMechs left operation. Those surviving members of the Second Freemens would later be tried in court marshal for their rebellious act.[9][10][11] By December, the rebuilding Second Freemen began, with the unit's name kept on the rolls of the Dominion due to unit's past defense of rebellion and keeping peace with the Clan's civilian population. By 3079 the Second's new members worked hard to improve their unit's image in the eyes of their countrymen.[12][13]

Early Dark Age Era[edit]

The Second Combine-Dominion War[edit]

By late 3090s, tensions were running high between Clan Nova Cat and Dominion. A noticeably decline in relations through trials conducted between two forces, would cause the Ghost Bear's lead Dominion become increasingly less civil and devolving into ignoring zellbrigen and turning into outright hatred. The Second Freemen would not be called up to serve as part of the Clan's offensive into Irece Prefecture in 3099, when other two clusters of its Galaxy would be called upon to invade fight the Draconis Combine and try to exterminate Clan Nova Cat. Prior to the breakout of war the unit would be built up, along with other Clusters of the KungsArmé to five Trinaries of 'Mechs and equipment.[14][15]

Late Dark Age Era[edit]

By the late Dark Ages, the Second had became the historical core of the Taiga Galaxy, due unit remaining active since founding of the Free Rasalhague Republic. The Second had retained ruthless attitude in protecting Rasalhague Dominion and keep it "Free".[16]

The Second Freemen Cluster faced the Hell's Horses Ninety-first Mechanized Assault Cluster in 3143. The Ninety-first landed on Gunzburg and the Second's artillery forced the Horses to seek cover. The Horse Cluster used several QuadVees, and these were able to hide in nearby woods, but this cost them six Arion QuadVee crews.[17][18]


In 3050 the commanding officer of the unit was Överste Rhett Weaver.[19] He remained in command through 3062[6] and on into 3067.[20]


  • 3062 - The Second Freemen specialized in anti-Clan tactics. They were experts at ambushes, concentrated artillery strikes, and concentrating their fire on individual Clan warriors.[6]
  • 3145 - Second Freemen by 3145, like other Freemen Clusters try to corral and isolate elements of opposing force, then use Star of Huitzilopochtli guided by binary worth scout vehicles to destroy them.[21]

Composition History[edit]


Freemen (Infantry Regiment)

  • Unit Notes: Little information about unit is known other than it was a regiment of infantry.


Freemen (BattleMech Regiment)[22]


Freemen (BattleMech Regiment) - (Veteran skilled, Fanatical loyalty)[6][20]

  • CO: 1st Battalion - Överste Rhett Weaver
  • XO: 2nd Battalion - Överste-Löjtnant Hiroshi Hosokawa
  • 3rd Battalion - Överste-Löjtnant Barbara Drabek

Headhunters (Wing)-(Veteran skilled, Fanatical loyalty)[6][20]

  • Wing Commander - Överste-Löjtnant Pamela Kirch

Second Dehgolan Light Armor (Regiment)-(Regular skilled, Reliable loyalty)[6][20]

  • Armor Commander - Överste Philip Jopa

Seventh Dehgolan Militia (Regiment) [Regular Skilled, Reliable Loyalty][6][20]

  • Troop Commander - Överste Pierre Chassin


Second Freemen (Cluster) - [Regular Skilled, Reliable (Clan) Loyalty/Fanatical Loyalty (Republic)]

  • Unit Note: Loyalties for the unit are divided due to the recent merger of the Dominion and Free Rasalhague Republic. Stationed on Orestes, the unit's fighting strength as of December 3076 was at 15 percent fighting strength. This was due to its destructive rebellion against Clan leadership.[23]


Second Freemen (Cluster) - [Regular Skilled, Reliable Loyalty]

  • Unit Note: The Second was stationed on Goito, and was at 30 percent of its fighting strength, with only 5 percent numbers having OmniMechs.[12]


Second Freemen (Cluster) - [Regular Skilled, Reliable Loyalty]

  • Unit Note: Fitted out with Second Line technology, the unit was stationed on Holmsbu as of 3085. It was at 45 percent of it's fighting strength, with 15 percent it's numbers consisting of OmniMechs. The unit was process of slowly being rebuilt after it's rebellion in 3076.[24]


Second Freemen (Cluster) - [Regular Skilled, Reliable Loyalty]

  • Unit Note: Stationed on Gunzburg in 3145, the unit was at 90 percent of its fighting strength and had no OmniMechs among its ranks, while having access to Second-Line Clan equipment.[25]


  • Field Manual: ComStar (Special Command Rules)- Trained to fight Clan troops in 3062, the player controlling the Second Freemen, gains +2 to the initiative roll when facing Clan troops. For use of MechWarrior roleplaying system, characters created for use in the Second Freemen gain skill of Special Interest/Clan Tactics at level 1.[26]
  • Field Manual: 3145 (Special Command Rules)- Taiga Galaxy affiliated Clusters, including the Second Freemen, utilize off-board artillery when it's mutually agreed between players to use them. When fighting on worlds that have historical ties to the old Rasalhague Republic or part of the Rasalhague Dominion they receive -1 to all gunnery skill checks, while receiving -2 to any initiative rolls. These additional conditions reflects to the warriors of the Cluster's tactical wisdom and fanatical devotion to anything tied to the Rasalhague Republic.[27]


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