2nd Drakøns

2nd Drakøns crest
2nd Drakøns Regiment
Unit Profile (as of 3050)
Parent Formation Drakøns
Formed 3034

Unit Description[edit]

The Second Drakøns was a BattleMech regiment formed to defend the Free Rasalhague Republic during the Thirty-First Century. The unit by the same name would later be formed by Clan Ghost Bear to honor this one.


Formation and The Ronin War[edit]

Established in 3034, the Drakøns regiments were populated by some of the most experienced troops available to the KungsArmé. Given their experience and their unit weight, the Drakøns were assigned to protect the Republic's province capital worlds.[1]

One of it's first actions at the end of the Ronin Wars, would be when the Second Drakøns would arrived on Predlitz in October, 3034. Their initially orders were to relieved the battered First Tyr, after the initially bashing against the ronin Eight Rasalhague Regulars. The ronin Regulars had retreated to Predlitz's moon, Krakau. where other survivors were gathering after being mauled by joint forces of Draconis Combine's Second Sword of Light and First Tyr. While inbound from the Jump Point, General Christian Månsdottir ordered the regiment to redirect their ships and attack the Regulars on the Karkau. On Karaku the Drakøns engaged the Eighth in pitch battle near a Mining Colony. The battle turning badly for the renegades, then Sho-sho Johannsen who had threaten to blow up the colony's underground fusion reactor. A deadly pursuit began between Sho-sho's BattleMaster and a company of the Drakøns Battlemechs where these forcer would go into the underground caverns. The Eighth's commander nearly succeeded in reach the reactor, but Drakøns' Mech commander Löjtnant Kristof Martens would manage to blast the cavern ceiling ahead of Johannsen, slowing him down. Using his Charger, Löjtnant Martens, used his Charger and tackled other assault 'mech down ending his ambitions.

For the remainder of the conflict, the Drakøns would remain on Predlitz to clean up resistance groups spread out among the planet, pacifying the world for the Republic.[2]

The Clan Invasion and regiment's destruction[edit]

New Caledonia[edit]

In March 3050, Second Drakøns had been assigned to garrison the world of New Caledonia, when Clan Wolf arrived in system as part of their Operation Revival. Arriving in system, the Rasalhague forces mustered to help defend New Caledonia. The regiment engaged elements of Alpha Galaxy's 328th Assault Cluster. The regiment would take heavy losses as it withdrew to the continental capital of Redfev with aid of the Eighth Militia Infantry Regiment, and two armor tank regiments consisting of the First and Fourth Militia Tank Regiments. The orderly withdrawal to Redfev cost the unit two battalions worth of troops. Losing badly, the regiment's commander ordered the unit to it's DropShips and retreat to Rasalhague.[3]


Falling back to Rasalhague, the regiment linked up with it's sister unit, the First Drakøns, and First and Third Freeman regiments.

In July, Clan Wolf launched the third wave of it's invasion plan, arriving with a fleet of Jumpships in the Rasalhague star system. General Christian Månsdottir was the commander of the defending troops, which included the Second Drakøns' surviving battalion of Battlemechs among the mustered defenders waiting action near planet's capital city of Reykjavik. The unit was also backed up by an additional regiment of light class Battlemechs piloted by aging MechWarrior who had been called up from retirement along three regiments of combat vehicles and mechanized infantry.

By the 8th, the Wolves forces had landed across the planet, however stayed way from Second's positions at the capital city. Over the coming weeks, the Freeman and other units would be attacked and be defeated the by Wolves. The Fourth Wolf Guard who had taken northern city of Asgard, had been coming contact with the Second. By the 12th of July General Månsdottir would order the Drakøns to fall back to the city and prepare for what could be the final battle.

On July 15th Second and the First would unite their strengths fight Wolves who were now arriving to take the capital. From their conquest of cities of Ymir and Tyr, the Wolves redeployed the 352nd Assault and 279th Battle Clusters. The Second Drakøns would engage in a two day battle in the streets of Reykjavik, which lead to the destruction of seventy percent of the city. Fighting with no mercy, regiment brought on their own destruction with their fanatical attitude. By not fighting honorable, willing risk civilian lives, Wolves obliged the Drakøns and too fought with no mercy. The last of Second Drakøns with its sister regiment would die in ruins of the Riksdag Complex, where Republic's government once resided.[4]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 2nd Drakøns
Overste Jackson Stonecipher 3050[5]

Composition History[edit]


  • Second Drakøns (BattleMech Regiment) [Veteran Skilled|Fanatical Loyalty]
Unit Notes: The unit is stationed on New Caledonia.[6]


Early history of the Second Drakøns is limited to a brief appearance during the Ronin War in 3034 at the time of formation and brief references mentioned in Clan Wolf sourcebook. As of this time, there no unit listing for it aside from sources listed in this article.


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