2nd Wolf Guards Grenadiers (Clan Wolf)

2nd Wolf Guards Grenadiers
Unit Profile (as of 3142)
Parent Formation Kappa Galaxy[1]
Formed Early 3060s


The Second Wolf Guards Grenadiers was formed in the first half of the 3060s from Warden minded warriors transferred from other clusters. It was assigned to the newly forming Omega Galaxy along with other warden clusters, and in 3067 the Second was stationed on Nyserta[2]

In 3070 Clan Hell's Horses attacked Nyserta and the second refused to be taken in a Harvest Trial, they fought for three weeks against the 77th Mechanised Cavalry. Eventually a single Binary of surviving warriors managed to escape the planet and retreat to the main Wolf Occupation Zone.[3]

The Second were stationed on Heiligendreuz after the Jihad in 3079 and had been transferred Kappa Galaxy to strengthen it.[1] In 3085 the unit was located on Diosd.[4]

Dark Age[edit]

In 3142 the Second Wolf Guards defended Sargasso from the Ninth Talon Cluster. The Second used a large number of Aesir AA vehicles to hold off the Ninth's AeroSpace Fighter support. The other elements of the Second weren't able to hold off the Ninth, and the Aesir's command post was destroyed.[5]

The Second was stationed in 3145 on New Olympia.[6]


The commanding officer was in 3067 Star Colonel Juanita, she held also the position in 3085 and has won the Hall Bloodname.[2][4] In 3145 the Second is commanded by Star Colonel Barry Carns.[6]


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Composition History[edit]


Second Wolf Guards Grenadiers - Veteran/Fanatical [2]

  • 65% full strength, with 80% Star League era equipment.


Second Wolf Guards Grenadiers- Veteran/Fanatical [1]

  • 35% full strength, the cluster did not field OmniMechs.


Second Wolf Guards Grenadiers - Veteran/Fanatical [4]


Second Wolf Guards Grenadiers - Veteran/Reliable [6]

  • CO: Star Colonel Barry Carns



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