301st Firebrand (Clan Fire Mandrill)

301st Firebrand Cluster
Unit Profile (as of 3072)
Nickname Citizens of Hades
Parent Formation Kindraa Mattila-Carrol
Disbanded 3072


The 301st Firebrand Cluster was a second line cluster stationed on Marshall in 3059,[1] and were still in position in 3067.[2]

In December 3072 the 301st Firebrand Cluster forced by starvation, attacked the Hellion enclaves of Immesha and Ommesha on Marshall, hoping to seize the large warehouses of foodstuffs. However, they found them more heavily defended than first thought, but by Dark Caste warriors and not Clan Ice Hellion. The Mandrills ran straight into prepared positions and were quickly disabled and captured leaving their own holdings undefended. The surviving warriors were handed over to the Society.[3]


In 3059 the Commanding Officer was Star Colonel Angela Mattila,[4] and she was still in command in 3067.[1] Angela Matilla was a Warden, but this did not stop her from implementing an aggressive strategy to weed out the weaker warriors of her command and increasing it's overall quality.


Composition History[edit]


301st Firebrand Cluster - Veteran/Questionable [4][1]


301st Firebrand Cluster - Regular/Fanatical.[2]

  • It had added a Binary of Assault-class vehicles, replacing a BattleMech/Elemental Binary. [5]



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