305th Assault (Clan Jade Falcon)

305th Assault (Clan Jade Falcon).jpg
305th Assault Cluster
Unit Profile (as of 3059)
Nickname The Blood Vision
Parent Formation Iota Galaxy (current); Delta Galaxy (until the Refusal War)


The 305th Assault Cluster lost Montmarault to the First Viper Guards during the Fifth Wave of Operation Revival. Destroyed on Baker 3 by Clan Wolf forces during the Refusal War. Rebuilt with a mix of veterans and new recruits and sent on to fight on Coventry, taking approximately forty percent losses in that campaign.[citation needed]

Refusal War[edit]

Fighting against Clan Wolf on Baker 3 in 3057 the Cluster took 98% casualties, including their commanding officer, in a devastating defeat. That saw the 305th hit by successive hit and run attacks that depleted its ammunition supply to critical levels and left its forces strung out. The Wolf main attack virtually destroyed the unit leaving only two points of Elementals alive.[1]

Battle of Coventry[edit]

Rebuilt with fresh warriors straight out of the sibkos the 305th faced off against the Eridani Light Horse's 71st Light Horse Regiment on Coventry in 3058. During this engagement, the Light Horse units destroyed the 305th's supporting artillery units and then forced the 305th out of their positions. The 305th inflicted severe damages on the Horsemen however, making this one of the Light Horse's costliest victories.[2]

The 305th also assaulted the north side of the Inner Sphere base, striking at the 10th Skye Rangers and Coventry Donegal March Militia units stationed there.[3] The Falcons were driven off, but they later slammed into the Eridani Light Horse's position supported by Arrow IV and Thumper artillery. Despite this, they were repelled by the Horsemen.[4]

During the fighting on Coventry, the unit was composed of Trinaries and Novas, afterwards it was reduced to Binaries.[5] As of 3059, the unit was considered dangerously understrength.[citation needed]



The 305th Assault Cluster lost all its tactical specialties in the Refusal War. During the fighting on Coventry they preferred head on fights.[7]

Composition History[edit]





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