34th Avalon Hussars

Avalon Hussars.jpg
Thirty-fourth Avalon Hussars
Unit Profile (as of 3014)
Nickname Pitcairn's Legacy
Parent Formation Avalon Hussars
Formed Twenty-seventh century


Star League Era[edit]

Originally established in the first half of the twenty-seventh century, the Thirty-fourth Avalon Hussars drew its nickname from the regiment's first Commanding Officer, who was the son of the famous Colonel Elias Pitcairn, leader of the quasi-official Pitcairn Legion, a unit staffed entirely with veterans from the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns who defended the Outworlds Alliance decisively during the Reunification War.[1]

The Thirty-fourth was one of many Avalon Hussars regiments to be deactivated following the issue of the Council Edict of 2650 by the Star League Council that restricted the size of the military each Great House was allowed to maintain, but when the Edict was rescinded a century later the Thirty-fourth was reactivated. In the mid-2760s the Thirty-fourth was assigned to garrison the border between the Federated Suns and Outworlds Alliance, evidently as a message of some kind.[1]

Third Succession War[edit]

In early 3014 Hanse Davion led the Thirty-fourth Avalon Hussars, Tenth Deneb Light Cavalry and the Davion Heavy Guards in an attack against the toxic world Halstead Station, attempting to destroy the large Draconis Combine supply depot being built there. The defending Ninth Dieron Regulars and Second Proserpina Hussars regiments failed to stop the destruction of the supply depot, but still managed to keep all three AFFS regiments tied up until Takashi Kurita could arrive with the fresh Second Sword of Light. After a long battle, the Davion forces managed to withdraw off-world. [citation needed]


On June 22 3020 Hanse Davion issued the order for the crippled 34th Avalon Hussars and the damaged 36th Avalon Hussars to be combined into the New 42nd Avalon Hussars. [citation needed]


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During the Star League era all of the Avalon Hussars were required to focus on being both flexible and mobile, with every regiment required to be capable of deploying within eight hours, although many of the Hussars struggled to actually achieve this.[2]

Composition History[edit]


Thirty-fourth Avalon Hussars (Regular/Reliable)[3]

- At this point in time the Thirty-fourth was stationed on Damevang.[3] In common with the other regiments of the Avalon Hussars the Thirty-fourth had an attached aerospace wing, although these forces were primarily tasked to provide ground support rather than escort duties.[2]


It has been assumed that the Thirty-fourth was one of the regiments deactivated as a result of the Council Edict of 2650 based upon it having been originally been formed during the Star League era and the reference to the unit "first being raised" in the twenty-seventh century.[1]


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