Davion Light Guards

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Davion Light Guards
Davion Light Guards RCT
Unit Profile (as of 3062)
Nickname Swift Foxes
Parent Formation Davion Brigade of Guards
Formed Unknown


In 3025 the Davion Light Guards were based on Groveld III.[1] The homeworld of the Davion Light Guards was Mendham. In 3067, their new homeworld was Panpour.[2]

Fourth Succession War[edit]

During the first wave of the Operation Rat, the Davion Light Guards landed on St. Andre along with the Alpha and Beta regiments of the 12th Vegan Rangers. The Light Guards Third Battalion and the Rangers faced the first battalion of the Blackwind Lancers, inflicting heavy casualties on the CCAF unit and causing them to surrender. The Guards then seized the Blackwind Lancers' headquarters and convinced Gordon's Cuirassiers to sortie from the city of Jerome. The Guards and Rangers then destroyed that unit as well.[3]

The First and Second battalions of the Light Guards were attacked by Liao AeroSpace Fighters on their way in, scattering the two battalions and allowing Cochraine's Goliaths to begin grinding down the two units. The double-strength Delta Company quickly landed behind the attacking Goliaths, closed with them, and destroyed five of them in the opening salvo. The lighter 'Mechs of Delta Company massed their fire and were able to get inside the minimum range of the PPCs and LRMs of the Goliaths used by Cochraine's unit. This sudden attack allowed the Light Guards battalions to regroup and destroy Cochraine's Goliaths.[4] On Algot a few months later, the Light Guards destroyed the 2nd Ariana Fusiliers.[5]

The Light Guards RCT then traveled to Remshield, where they faced the first battalion of the 4th Tau Ceti Rangers and Hurloc's Hussars. The Light Guards defeated both units.[6] They quickly reboarded their DropShips for a quick trip to Sarna. On that world, the Capellan defenders had destroyed the 5th Syrtis Fusiliers and stranded the Screaming Eagles and Crater Cobras. Along with the Davion Heavy Guards, the Light Guards reinforced the two mercenary units, destroying the defenders.[7] A short while later, the Light Guards redeployed again, landing on Kaifeng. What should have been a simple takeover stretched out into a series of engagements led by a fanatical militia defense force.[8]

Fed-Com Civil War[edit]

During the FedCom Civil War they fought on Sirdar and New Syrtis against Katherine's forces. Later they joined Victor's assault on New Avalon, where they suffered heavy casualties.[9] In 3067, they were reactivated, but they were only at approximately 50% of their listed strength.[2]


On Sirdar the defending Sirdar CMM had no chance against the combined might of the 1st Federated Suns Armored Cavalry, 9th Illician Rangers, 21st Illician Rangers, and Davion Light Guards. During the fight they suffered light losses.[citation needed]


At the outbreak of the Jihad the Davion Light Guards attempted to land on New Avalon but they were intercepted by Word of Blake WarShips and destroyed before they could make planetfall.[10] The Davion Light Guards were struck from AFFS rolls for the first time in history after this event.[11]

Though observers expected the rebuilding process to take several years, Marshal Jon Davion found a quick workaround: He drafted the entire 1st NAIS Cadet Cadre into the Brigade of Guards as the new Davion Light Guards. Though this has provided skilled soldiers in a hurry, they still need time to work together and rebuild their forces before they can deploy. Their current posting to New Avalon will likely provide them the time they need.[11]

Post-Jihad Era[edit]

The new Light Guards are staffed by the veterans of the FedCom Civil War and the Jihad. In 3085 the Light Guards were stationed in the Periphery March and had been involved in several anti-pirate raids and defensive missions.[12] The Light Guards were one of the first units to receive supplies of the new Cuirass BattleMech in July 3086, and the Light Guards proceeded to use the new 'Mechs as the core of a new Delta Company.[13]

During the Draconis Combine's assault into the Federated Suns, the Light Guards were stationed on Brookeland. They inflicted heavy losses on the 10th Ghost and 11th Ghost regiments.[14] During this fighting the Light Guards sent a lance of Gunsmith BattleMechs behind the Eleventh's lines to perform deep raiding duties. After two weeks of raids, the Eleventh had lost seven 'Mechs, six tanks, and nineteen suits of battle armor. They had also destroyed thousands of tons of supplies and parts.[15] This raid was a response to the Eleventh Ghost using Shillelagh Missile Tanks to destroy half a Light Guard lance.[16]



The Light Guards used speed and maneuverability to outmaneuver their opponents instead of relying on firepower. They would try to remain on the edge of a battle field, slashing in and isolating small units of enemy forces and destroying them via massed fire. Then they would withdraw to the edge of the battle and look for another opportunity to slash in at the enemy.[21]

After rebuilding and retraining on New Avalon for several years, the Light Guards continue their traditional hit and run tactics, but the unit has also been equipped with assault-class battle armor. This armor is deployed on the battlefield via VTOLs and fast hovercraft. The battle armor acts as an anvil while the fast 'Mechs streak in and slash at the enemy. Backup for the battle armor is provided by a complete regiment of attack VTOLs.[12]

Composition History[edit]


Davion Light Guards RCT (Veteran/Reliable)[17]

CO: Marshal Jonathan Riffenberg


Davion Light Guards RCT (Veteran/Reliable)[23]


Davion Light Guards RCT (1 Regiment/Veteran Reliable)[18][19]

CO: Marshall Jonathan Riffenberg


Davion Light Guards (1 Reinforced Regiment/Veteran Reliable/)[21]

CO: Hauptmann General Jon Buckvold
Aide: Leftenant General Jessica Quarles
- Primarly Medium-class 'Mechs

Davion Light Guards Aerospace Brigade (2 Wings)[21]

CO: Leftenant General Athena Davion-Ross

Davion Light Guards Armor Brigade (4 Regiments/Veteran/Fanatical)[21]

CO: Hauptmann General Jacob Draters
Aide: Leftenant General G. L. Froze
  • 121st Federation Scout Regiment - Kommandant: Mazel Zardetto
  • 12th Avalon Light Armor Regiment - Leftenant General: Christine Lubek-Kokal
  • 3rd Argyle Tank Regiment - Leftenant General: Vlado Chou
  • 5th Mirach Recon Regiment - Leftenant General: F. James Weatherby
  • 105th F-C Artillery Battalion - Kommandant: Jesus Ramirez-Xolo
- The 105th fields two full Companies of heavy armor

Davion Light Guards Infantry Brigade (5 Regiments/Regular/Reliable)[21]

CO: Hauptman General Angela Voss
Aide: Kommandant Randy P. Hempe IV
  • 19th Mechanized Infantry Regiment - Leftenant General: Augustus Clarke
  • 21st New Rhodes Mechanized Rifles - Kommandant: Timothy Heine
  • 15th Mirach Jump Infantry Regiment - Leftenant General: Ashok Herman
  • 7th Achernar Jump Infantry Regiment - Leftenant General: Aurelius Leger
  • 69th Tybalt Jump Infantry Regiment - Leftenant General: Gus "Brick" Evans
  • 343rd Federation Jump Infantry Regiment - Leftenant General Richard Daley
- Each Jump Regiment includes a Battle Armor Company and organic transportation


Davion Light Guards RCT (Elite/Fanatical)[2]

CO: General Jessica Quarles

Davion Light Guards Aerospace Brigade (Elite/Reliable)[2]

CO: Vice Admiral Athena Davion-Ross

Davion Light Guards Armor Brigade (Elite/Reliable)[2]

CO: Major General F. James Weatherby

Davion Light Guards Infantry Brigade (Veteran/Reliable)[2]

CO: Major General Angela Voss


After the horrors of the Jihad, the Davion Light Guards were only at half their pre-war strength.[11]


Davion Light Guards RCT (Veteran/Fanatical)[22]

CO: Major General Tess Freeman-Steiner

Davion Light Guards Aerospace Brigade (Veteran/Reliable)[22]

CO: Rear Admiral Ridley Kunze

Davion Light Guards Armor Brigade (Veteran/Fanatical)[22]

CO: Major General Stig Garner

Davion Light Guards Infantry Brigade (Elite/Fanatical)[22]

CO: Major General Mithras Richter


During the wargames on New Syrtis in 3064/3065, the Davion Light Guards received a further nick-name: the Grease Foxes. None of the other units had been able to outmaneuver and trap them.[citation needed]


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