3rd Jaguar Cavaliers (Clan Smoke Jaguar)

3rd Jaguar Cavaliers
Unit Profile (as of 3059)
Nickname Stormriders
Parent Formation Delta Galaxy
Formed Unknown

The Third Jaguar Cavaliers were a unit of Clan Smoke Jaguar's Delta Galaxy. They were also responsible for some of the most disturbing combat during the invasion.[1]


Operation Revival[edit]

Wave One[edit]

  • Idlewind - Trinary Assault's Elementals were caught in a napalm trap, after which the entire Trinary was ordered to find the dishonourable surats that set the trap. During the search of the capital city the civilians took up arms against the invaders. The Trinary hunted down all armed insurgents killing half the civilian population in three hours.[2]

Wave Four[edit]

  • Jeronimo - The Cavaliers found the 5th Galedon Regulars defending hardened bunkers forcing Star Colonel Moon to call on reinforcements, these broke the Regular's lines and forced them to withdraw. [1]

Wave Five[edit]

  • Marshdale - The 6th Ghost regiment had been on planet over a year preparing defenses before the Cavaliers attacked. The 6th Ghost led the Jaguars on wild chase across a trap filled continent, tiring of this Paul Moon ordered the capital city attacked to draw the defenders out. It worked and the 6th Ghost were cut down. [3]
  • Luthien - The Cavaliers participated in the Battle of Luthien.

Post Tukayyid[edit]

They rebuilt after the Truce of Tukayyid on Hyner with warriors transferred in from shattered clusters; including Star Captain Trent.

During the years 3054 and 3055 they fought the Kat Killers, a group of guerrilla fighters on Hyner. The vicious behaviour of Star Colonel Paul Moon led Trent to believe that Clan Smoke Jaguar had abandoned the high ideals of the Clans. In 3058 the Third unsuccessfully attacked Matamoras. Trent used this opportunity to defect to ComStar.

Operation Bulldog[edit]

Operation Bird Dog[edit]

  • Hyner - As part of this clandestine campaign a company sized unit from the Ryuken-yon dropped onto the planet in May 3059. Rubinsky's Renegades may also have taken part in this attack.[4] The Third hunted them down, but were still dealing with this threat when the main assault hit the planet. [5]

Wave One[edit]


Paul Moon commanded Alpha Provisional Cluster on Huntress. [6] Other members of the 3rd Cavaliers may also have formed this unit.



The Cavaliers were known for their aggressive tactics and disregard for collateral damage and civilian casualties.

Composition History[edit]





  • Binary Strike (Beta) [7]
  • Command Star (5 OmniMechs)
  • Strike Star (5 OmniMechs) - Star Captain Trent



  • Trinary Strike (Beta) - (15 OmniMechs)
  • Binary Assault (Charlie)[8]
  • Binary Elemental (Gamma)
  • Trinary Battle


  • Trinary Command - (15 OmniMechs)
  • First Trinary Battle - (15 OmniMechs)
  • Trinary Assault - (15 OmniMechs)
  • Binary Elemental - (50 Elementals)
  • Second Trinary Battle - (15 OmniMechs)
  • Supernova Striker - (15 OmniMechs, 30 OmniFighters) [9]


If a force starts a mission without both 'Mechs and Elementals it suffers a -2 Initiative penalty.

All Cavalier 'Mechs count as OmniMechs for Elemental transport purposes.

If a unit deliberately attacks a structure, the structure takes one extra damage for every five inflicted. [10]


In the novel Exodus Road, conventional infantry is also mentioned, but they were probably security personnel of the scientist caste.



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