3rd Kavalleri

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3rd Kavalleri
Unit Profile (as of 3050)
Parent Formation Kavalleri

Unit Description[edit]

The Third Kavalleri was a medium weight and reconnaissance BattleMech Regiment, which was a military formation serving the Free Rasalhague Republic.[1]


In June 3050 the unit defended Kirchbach. The invading Clan Wolf used psychological warfare to their advance. After hearing terrible stories of the strength of the enemy the warriors was frightened. When the command meet the 4th Wolf Guards in combat only 1 battalion could retreat offworld.[2]

2 month later in August 3050 on Basiliano the Wolf make another conquest attempt. The CO were confused of the myriad of small probing attacks with out clear main force. When enough information was gathered the 2 cluster strong force make their final assault. The defenders fight to the last man and the Överste of the Kavalleri was killed in and duel with the Galaxy Commander. [3]



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Composition History[edit]


  • Third Kavaleri (BattleMech Regiment) [Green Skilled, Fanatical Loyalty]

Unit Note: By 3050, the regiment was equipped with BattleMechs, and was stationed on Kirchbach.[5].




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