40th Iron Guards (Clan Stone Lion)

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40th Iron Guards
Unit Profile (as of 3088)
Parent Formation Zeta Galaxy


Clan Hell's Horses[edit]

The unit was originally the 40th Mechanized Cavalry Cluster of Clan Hell's Horses known as the Apollo Cluster. It was stationed on Eden between 3059 and 3067 [1] [2]

Clan Stone Lion[edit]

After the creation of Clan Stone Lion in 3075 during the Wars of Reaving, the Cluster was renamed the 40th Iron Guards and became part of that Clan's Touman.[3]


Between 3059 and 3067 the commanding officer was Galaxy Commander Zigfried Ravenwater.[4][2] Magnus DeVillar was appointed Galaxy Commander during the early stages of the Wars of Reaving and took control of the Fortieth.[5]


Having been deprived of air cover for so long, the cluster operates poorly when it is provided.

Composition History[edit]


  • 40th Mechanized Cavalry - (4 Trinaries/Veteran/Questionable)[4] rising to Elite/Reliable by 3067.[2]
During this period their Aerospace Trinary was permanently stationed on the Galaxy flagship.


  • 40th Iron Guards - Elite[6]


When rolling on Binary/Trinary weight classes subtract 2 from the roll. The Cluster receives a -1 initiative when friendly aerospace forces are employed.[7]



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