449th Assault Cluster (Clan Nova Cat)

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449th Assault Cluster
Unit Profile (as of 3062)
Nickname Joys and Sorrows
Parent Formation Alpha Galaxy

The 449th Assault Cluster was one of the many Clan Nova Cat units to take part in the battle for the Inner Sphere.


Operation Revival[edit]

The 449th Assault fought on the following worlds during the invasion of the Inner Sphere:

Wave Five[edit]

While ultimately successful in taking the world, the 449th suffered a great loss of honor the battle of Teniente. Facing the 3rd and 11th Pesht Regulars in January 3052, the unit was unable to prevent Hohiro Kurita, heir to the Draconis Combine from escaping off-world. [1]



Second Star League[edit]

In August 3061, while garrisoning Avon alongside the Fourth Pesht Regulars, the 449th initiated a series of duels with the Combine unit that escalated into clashes. This incident led to the creation of the Irece Prefecture and Khan Santin West placing the unit under reprimand. [1]


As of 3062 the Commanding Officer was Star Colonel Leon Rosse. Seemingly unable to integrate himself with the Nova Cat's new role and home in the wake of formation of the Second Star League, his actions prompted the overboard actions against the 4th Pesht and the black mark against his unit. By 3062 Rosse had already faced and defeated three Trials of Grievance from his own troops to retain command of the 449th, but most expected he would eventually be bested and exiled to Zeta Galaxy. [1]





  • 4 Trinaries[1]



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