4th Confederation Reserve Cavalry

4th Confederation Reserve Cavalry
Unit Profile (as of 3145)
Nickname "The Legion"
“Ox-Head Reapers”(3145))[1]
Parent Formation Confederation Reserve Cavalry
Formed 2827, Between 3113 and 3134


The first mention of the Fourth Confederation Reserve Cavalry was fighting Wolf's Dragoons on Styk in late 3006 and early 3007.[2] As of 3025 they were listed as defending New Canton, Elgin, and Styk at battalion strength.[3] During the Fourth Succession War two of the battalions were destroyed and a third not engaged. .[4] At some point after this they were disbanded and were only reconstituted sometime between 3113 and 3134.

Third Succession War[edit]

Raid on Styk[edit]

When Wolf’s Dragoons launched a raid on the 'Mech construction facility at Hegemony Bay on the planet Styk in late 3006 they were met by the 4th Reserve. The Dragoons used a diversionary attack on a nearby dam to lure the 4th Reserve away from defense of the facility. When the unit returned they engaged hover units of the Dragoons and eventually pushed their way back into the city but not after heavy damage was inflicted.[2]

Fourth Succession War[edit]


When the Avalon Hussars of the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns landed on Styk they faced the Third Battalion of the 4th Reserve along with a 'Mech and Infantry Battalion from House Fujita assigned to defend the important Tao 'Mechworks facility. The inexperienced warriors of the 4th Reserve fell into a classic ambush and were quickly destroyed or forced to surrender. [5]

New Canton[edit]

The Screaming Eagles mercenary force occupied New Canton and battled with the First Battalion of the 4th Reserve and the Third Battalion of Trimaldi's Secutors in guerrilla-style engagements in the jungles of the northern continent. When the Eagles finally caught up with the 4th Reserve and cornered them up against a river the unit surrendered. After the surrender the commander of the Eagles, Colonel Opson Mathis, ordered the 'Mechs of the 4th Reserve disabled, sealed the pilots in their cockpits, and murdered them by pushing them into the river.[6]

Dark Age[edit]

The Fourth Confederation Reserve Cavalry was created in secret sometime before 3134 as one of the Hidden Lion regiments formed by Chancellor Daoshen Liao using stockpiled equipment.[1] This new CRC unit uses the Augmented Regiment formations commonly found in the CCAF by 3145.[7] They are a second-line regiment of the Sian Commonality.[8]

Thought to be another dummy unit, this was proven wrong when the Fourth CRC took part in the capture of Halloran V in 3135.

In 3145, the regiment was paired with House Hiritsu during Operation CELESTIAL REWARD and defeated the Fifth Syrtis Fusiliers on Royalston.[1][9] The unit was later posted on Avigait.[10]


As of 3145 the commanding officer was Sang-shao Gweilung Pham.[10]


As of 3145 during their operations with Warrior House Hiritsu, the Fourth CRC would divide the regiment into two flanking columns and attempt to envelope enemy formations. This allowed for them to pin those formations on to Warrior House Hiritsu to destroy.[1]

Composition History[edit]


4th Confederation Reserve Cavalty (3 Battalions/Green/Reliable) [11]

  • 1st Battalion – CO: Unknown
  • 2nd Battalion – CO: Unknown
  • 3rd Battalion – CO: Unknown


4th Confederation Reserve Cavalry (Veteran/Reliable)[10]

  • CO: Sang-shao Gweilung Pham

Ox-Head Flight (Regular/Reliable)[10]

4th Cavalry Armor (Regular/Reliable)[10]

4th Cavalry Auxiliary (Regular/Reliable)[10]

  • CO: Zhong-shao Wladyslaw Dolata


As of 3145, The Fourth CRC trims their equipment bone white, and uses a bull’s skull as their emblem.


The unit has a preponderance of fast medium and light battlemechs.


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