4th Robinson Strikers

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4th Robinson Strikers LCT
Unit Profile (as of 3145)
Nickname Violent Pachyderms
Parent Formation Robinson Brigade
Formed 32nd Century

Unit Description[edit]

The Fourth Robinson Strikers is a Light Combat Team, utilized to defend the Federated Suns' Draconis March.[1]



Formed during the 32nd Century, the command was created to the brigade version of the Davion Heavy Guard. Similar to other Robinson Striker commands, the Fifth differs from them with it's elements of this combined armed with exception of it's hovercraft, consisting of heavy or assault weight class equipment. The unit was intended to work as the brigades heavy-hitters should there be a need reinforcements. Additionally, the unit is reinforced with a battalion of artillery and assigned a Arondight-Class Pocket Warship to around out assigned combat strength. The unit was consisting trained to be the best of the brigade.[2]

The Draconis Combine Invasion of 3144[edit]

In the Battle for McGehee, the unit was station on planet when the BattleMech heavy Sixteenth Galedon Regulars launched their invasion of the planet. In course of the battle, the Fourth would have it's 302nd Amphibious Platoon, rescue number of troops who had been capture over the course of the fighting. Nicknamed the Red Trident, the 302nd would use their specialized Sea Fox Battle Armor's unique amphibious capacities capture FedSun prisons being transported by the Sixteenth by boats on Davis River. The Battle Armor troops would use the river's as cover they would ultimately destroy transport ship's escorts, rescue the Strikers’ battalion command post staff that had been overrun by the Combine's troops.[3] The Fourth inflicted heavy damaged against the Combine force due to it's well-homed team work and skills, this would aggravating the Sixteenth which they would paid back in kind with their signature savagery they were known for before Strikers would be forces quit the planet for Dahar IV.[4]

While recovering on Dahar IV in early 3145, the Draconis Combine sent a reconnaissance force to scout out of the planet. Armor elements of the Dahar Draconis March Militia, would help setup a ambush with a 'Mech company from the Fourth hopefully to destroy the Scouting party from the Combine's expedition as they retreated from the Dahar DMM.[5][6]


As of 3145, the commanding officer was Major General Giuseppe Centorino.[7]


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Composition History[edit]


4th Robinson Strikers LCT BattleMech Battalion - (Veteran Skilled /Reliable Loyalty)[7]

  • CO: Major General Giuseppe Centorino
  • BattleMech Unit Note: The battalion is at 80% fighting strength and has a B Tech Rating.

4th Robinson Strikers Aerospace Brigade - (Veteran Skilled/Reliable Loyalty)[7]

  • CO: Vice Admiral Manuel Cobb
  • Aerospace Unit Note: The Aerospace force is at 75% fighting strength and has a B Tech Rating. The unit also has a permanently assigned Arondight-Class DropShip as part of it's assets.

4th Robinson Strikers Armor Brigade - (Veteran Skilled/Reliable Loyalty)[7]

  • CO: Major General General Pearl Chandler
  • Armor/Combat Vehicle Unit Note: The combat vehicle force is at 95% fighting strength and has a B Tech Rating.

4th Robinson Strikers Infantry Brigade - (Regular Skilled / Fanatical Loyalty)[7]

  • CO: Major General Kristen George
  • Infantry Unit Note: The Infantry force is at 90% fighting strength and has a B Tech Rating.
UNIT NOTES: LCT is was assigned as of 3145 on the world of Dahar IV.[7]


The unit's crest is the Strikers’ shield, with two rearing elephant silhouettes bracketing the sword.[8]


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