512th Battle (Clan Stone Lion)

Clan Stone Lion Logo
512th Battle Cluster
Unit Profile (as of 3088)
Nickname Snake Lions
Parent Formation PsiGalaxy


Clan Cloud Cobra[edit]

The unit was originally the 512th Cobra Guards of Gamma Galaxy of Clan Cloud Cobra. It was presumably a relatively new Cluster as it did not appear on Cobra rosters prior to 3070. [1] [2]

On 16 February 3072, the 512th Guards arrived at Niles and declared a unilateral Trial of Reaving against all of the Clan Hells Horses sibkos training in the system. After claiming the victory they took every sibko member from each training facility, lined them up and executed them. before leaving the system.[3]

Clan Stone Lion[edit]

The Cluster was captured in a Harvest Trial and renamed the 512th Battle Cluster and became part of the Clan Stone Lions Touman.[4]



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Composition History[edit]


  • 512th Cobra Guards - Green, 85% Strength
Probably including three Binaries of aerospace fighters [6]


  • 512th Battle Cluster



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