53rd Battle (Clan Jade Falcon)

Clan Jade Falcon Logo
53rd Battle Cluster
Unit Profile (as of 3067)
Nickname The Cat Snatchers
Parent Formation Zeta Galaxy

Unit History[edit]

Nova Cat Abjuration[edit]

In 3059, the unit was stationed on Gatekeeper, where the unit's commander had continued her unit's long standing feud with Clan Nova Cat. The Cats garrison force, was viewed by Star Colonel Koga had taken any opportunities raid Nova Cat enclave. She herself and her cluster grew furious as Nova Cats in the Inner Sphere, had joined newly formed SLDF striking into Smoke Jaguar & Nova Cat Occupation Zones. Only the lack of quality troops prevented the engaged Star Colonel from attempting to take Nova Cat lands.[1]

However, in April 27th of 3060, the Grand Council of the Clans voted for the Abjuration of the Nova Cats. Though given a month time remove themselves from Clan worlds, the 53rd Battle declared the Nova Cats on Gatekeeper not worthy of Trial of Possession. That they were dezgra, soon assaulted the Nova Cats for control of the planet. Fighting without honor, the 53rd ripped into the Nova Cat defenders, whom directly prevented the Cluster from entering their major population centers. The 53rd soon wiped out all the Nova Cat warriors on planet, prevented the majority of civilian caste from escaping the planet.[2]


During the Jihad the Fifty-third was assigned to Delta Galaxy.

After the formation of The Republic of the Sphere they returned to the Jade Falcon Occupation Zone. The Fifty-third and First Falcon Striker Clusters took part in an assault on Graus led by saKhan Uvin Buhallin. This assault turned into a quagmire, taking losses from heavy AeroSpace Fighter defenses. Once the two units were down, saKhan Buhallin let the defenders retain the initiative. Militia units used air strikes and artillery bombardments to force holes in the Falcon lines. These gaps were exploited by Rubinsky's Light Horse, a mercenary unit that killed the saKhan and command staff for both Clusters. With their command structure in tatters, the two Clusters withdrew from the world.[3]

They were stationed on Maxie's Planet in 3085 to rebuild.[4]

Dark Age[edit]

In 3137 the Fifty-third fought a Trial of Possession against Clan Hell's Horses for the Feltre system. The Fifty-third was outmaneuvered and drawn into an artillery bombardment by Horse Hadur hovercraft. The Falcons were granted hegira and withdrew, leaving the Horses in command of Feltre.[5]

The Fifty-third later tried to regain some honor by attacking Jabuka. That world was defended by the Second Bear Regulars. During this assault the Fifty-third brought two Naga-class OmniMechs with them, and used them to inflict heavy losses on the defending Bears. However these two 'Mechs were lost when the Second Regular's commander and his Starmates engaged them at close range.[6]

Unit Insignia[edit]

The 53rd Battle Cluster's insignia is a Jade Falcon souring over a bloody corpse of a Nova Cat.[7]


As of 3059, the commanding officer was Star Colonel Fyona Koga.

As of 3067, the commanding officer was Star Colonel Jakob[8]

The unit was commanded by Star Colonel Malcom Hazen in 3085.[4]



Composition History[edit]


  • 5 Binaries - Veteran Skilled, Stationed on Gatekeeper.[9]



Game Notes[edit]

The unit does not receive any specific Force Specific abilities for scenarios.


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