5th Capellan Defense Force

Fifth Capellan Defense Force
Unit Profile (as of 3085)
Parent Formation Capellan Defense Force
Formed 3081


The Fifth Capellan Defense Force was formed in 3081 to provide rear-area security for Operation GOLDEN FORTRESS. Stationed on worlds that had been hit by front-line CCAF troops, the Fifth CDF spent most of its time as a garrison force. This suited the former Home Guard soldiers just fine. In the last few months of the conflict, however, the Fifth faced the VII Principes Guards on Algot and the VIII Principes Guards on New Aragon. They held off the Republic forces for two months, but eventually had to withdraw.[1]

During the Victoria War the Fifth Capellan Defense Force fought the 6th Syrtis Fusiliers. Though the Fifth CDF had to leave the world, they inflicted heavy losses on the AFFS unit, including the destruction of half a heavy cavalry battalion.[2] On Victoria, the Fifth was assigned to land on the Shengli Arms factory and destroy it. They fought the 2nd Syrtis Fusiliers and elements of the Avalon Hussars, but were able to destroy the factory and withdraw despite taking heavy losses.[3]

The Fifth was assigned to raid Calloway VI, hoping to damage the Earthwerks Incorporated factories. There they faced the 8th Oriente Hussars. The Fifth assumed a tight formation and began a one hundred mile march to the facility. The Hussars placed several obstacles in the Fifth's path, but the Fifth overcame each one. They didn't make it to the factories, but they did inflict serious losses on the Oriente Hussars unit.[4] They were stationed on Tsinghai in 3145.[5]


As of 3085 the commanding officer was Sang-shao Giorgos Nikephoros.[6]

In 3145 the commanding officer was Sang-shao Vasilios Papakostas.[5]


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Composition History[edit]


Fifth Capellan Defense Force (1 Battalion/Green/Reliable)[6]

  • CO: Sang-shao Giorgos Nikephoros

Twenty-seventh Styk Home Guard (2 Battalion's/Green/Reliable)[6]

Fifth CDF Infantry (2 Battalion's/Green/Fanatical)[6]

  • CO: Zhong-shao May Szeto


Fifth Capellan Defense Force (Regular/Reliable)[5]

  • CO: Sang-shao Vasilios Papakostas

Fifth CDF Aerospace Wing (Green/Reliable)[5]

Fifth CDF Armor Auxiliary (Green/Fanatical)[5]

  • CO: Zhong-shao Carl Frank Modder

Fifth CDF Infantry (Green/Reliable)[5]

  • CO: Zhong-shao Chiu Fung Yeung



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