5th Falcon Striker (Clan Jade Falcon)

5th Falcon Striker Cluster
Unit Profile (as of 3050)
Parent Formation


Operation REVIVAL[edit]

In April 13th 3050[1], the Strikers as part of their first assigned in Wave 1 they were assigned with its sister unit, the 5th Falcon Striker Cluster, and elite Falcon Guards to take Trell I. Defending the world was the Red Brigade and the 12th Donegal Guards RCT, which notably had FedCom's Heir-apparent Kommandant Victor Steiner-Davion in its roster. As part of the Falcon task force, they were lead by Falcon Guard commander, Star Colonel Adler Malthus. The 1st Falcon Strikers and rest of the Falcon Task force were forced to hunt down what remained of the 12th Donegal and the survivors of the Red Brigade. The Fecom units fought guerilla-style resistance campaign for months to come until Falcon task force was able to wipe them all out.[2]



Composition History[edit]


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