65th Lyran Regulars

65th Lyran Regulars BattleMech Regiment
Unit Profile (as of 2829)
Nickname Old One-Eyes
Parent Formation Lyran Regulars
Formed unknown

The 65th Lyran Regulars was a Lyran Commonwealth regiment that went rogue at the begin of the Second Succession War, turning to piracy in the Periphery.


In 2829 the LCAF decided to use the ComStar sanctions to invade the Free Worlds League. Oliver and Graham IV were heavily contested worlds and the LCCC used the time to start an counterattack with raids on planets with possible supply depots or reinforcements for the front line. The situation on Oliver, where the 65th Lyran Regulars were assigned to, was especially bad. The commanding officer of the unit, Colonel Hendrik Grimm believed the Archon himself denied him the reinforcements to get rid of him. In reality the LCAF had no reserve unit to spare, because all other commands were involved in the fighting. This paranoia of Grimm was the reason why he ordered his command to retreat off world and the soldiers under his command followed him blindly. The Lyran High Command gave the members of the unit 7 days to return home but nothing happened. So House Steiner declared the Regulars renegades and put a bounty on the unit. Forces from Steiner and Marik tried several times to collect the bounty but they failed every time.[1] It turned out later, that the unit followed Grimm to the world of Oberon VI in the coreward Periphery. There they lived a life as bandits and laid the foundation for the future Oberon Confederation.[2]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 65th Lyran Regulars
Colonel Hendrik Grimm 2829


Composition History[edit]


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