666th Mechanized Assault (Clan Hell's Horses)

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666th Mechanized Assault
Unit Profile (as of 3067)
Nickname War Cluster
Parent Formation Beta Galaxy


Participated in the joint Coyote-Hell's Horses force that destroyed Kindraa Smythe-Jewel.[1]

In 3067 the 666th Mechanized was stationed on Tokasha.[2]

In 3137 the 666th attacked New Oslo. They faced the Fourth Bear Regulars. When Elementals from the 666th killed the Fourth's commander, the Bears became enraged and inflicted heavy losses on the 666th Mechanized. After two weeks of fighting, the Horses withdrew.[3]

They fought the Kell Hounds on Timkovichi in 3142. After the Hounds withdrew, the 666th sent a Binary to punish the population of a local village for hiding the withdrawing Hounds. This Binary (with three Points of Buraq battle armor) discovered a Kell Hound ambush and called in artillery fire to disrupt the mercenary unit. Most of the village was destroyed and the Hounds had to withdraw.[4]

By 3145 the Clusters of Beta Galaxy were deeply involved with the Mongol Doctrine. The 666th was the most obvious user of conspicuous violence to break the spirit of a foe. They were also present when Malvina Hazen called down orbital fire on Kell Hound units and several Beta Galaxy Clusters. The 666th didn't see the destruction of their fellow Galaxy members as a problem though, and they remained at her side. When she fell into a coma, the War Cluster formed part of the honor guard that escorted her to Sudeten. Shortly thereafter they were stationed on Derf.[5]


As of 3059 to 3067 the commanding officer was Star Colonel Icobod Dwelley.[1][2]

Star Colonel Domnall Seidman was the commander of the 666th Cluster in the late 3080's. He also proposed the Mongol Doctrine. The Khans of the Horses promoted him to the First Horde Cluster so he could test his theory.[6] He was succeeded by Star Colonel Marguerite Grimheald.[5]


In the Dark Age they were specialists in the Mongol Doctrine's tactics.

Composition History[edit]


666th Mechanized Assault (5 Trinaries/Elite/Fanatical)[1][2]

  • CO: Star Colonel Icobod Dwelley

- Heaviest Assault Cluster in the Touman, includes large numbers of Gnome battle armor)


Five Trinaries, two of which were completely composed of ProtoMechs.[5]

Game Rules[edit]


In the Dark Age, the 666th Cluster disregards zellbrigen, bidding, and the Clan rules of engagement. When rolling random weights, the controlling player gets a +1 modifier for 'Mechs, but suffers a -1 modifier for vehicles. The 666th will also target facilities that are usually off limits (hospitals, schools, etc.) if they believe that the facility has helped their opponent.[7]


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