7th Andurien Hussars

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Seventh Andurien Hussars
Unit Profile (as of 2765)
Nickname Great Beast Hunters
Parent Formation Andurien Hussars
Formed ca. 2750-2765


A relatively recently-formed brigade within the Capellan Confederation Armed Forces, the genesis of the Andurien Hussars lay in the peace treaty brokered by the Terran Hegemony in 2556 that ended the Third Andurien War. The Andurien worlds were handed over to the Capellan Confederation, and Chancellor Terrence Liao awarded the worlds full Commonality status as an attempt at reconciliation. The Andurien Hussars were established to be the military formation associated with this new Commonality.[1]

The general disarmament during the early years of the Star League saw the Andurien Hussars maintain just two active regiments, but after the order limiting the size of the Great House militaries was rescinded by the Star League council in the mid-twenty-eighth century saw the number of regiments within the Hussars expand significantly. The Seventh Andurien Hussars was one of these new regiments, raised alongside a sister regiment - the Sixth Andurien Hussars - to support the Second Andurien Hussars. The Second was a swift rapid-reaction force that had spent the better part of two centuries hunting down pirates on the border between the Confederation and the Periphery; with bandit activity escalating fast, the Sixth and Seventh were raised and deployed in the same region. In notable contrast to the Sixth, the warriors of the Seventh Hussars quickly earned a poor reputation; the Commanding Officer of the Seventh, Colonel Peelson, was a devoted big game hunter, and the soldiers under his command soon adopted his passion for hunting exotic creatures. It wasn't long before the regiment was spending the greater part of its time stalking dangerous animals rather than the pirates they were meant to be hunting, and in the 2760s an unannounced safari conducted by the Seventh on the Free Worlds League planet of Antipolo to hunt the local Tigons nearly resulted in a war between the League and the Confederation.[1]

Despite two hundred years of dedicated effort by the numerous commanders of the various regiments of Andurien Hussars, the Seventh Hussars found itself with a second difficult situation to manage after its founding; as a whole, the Andurien Hussars were generally well-regarded. Many of the personnel within the Andurien Hussars were still Sianese or Capellan in origin, although natives of the Andurien Commonality made up slightly more than half of the strength of the Hussars. However, while the average citizen of the Commonality regarded the Hussars as a slightly foreign regiment imposed upon them by the Capellan government, those Sianese and Capellan soldiers within the Hussars were considered to be generally honourable warriors whilst those Andurien natives within the Hussars were regarded as undisciplined thugs and opportunists pandering themselves. This created an underlying feeling of tension that constantly bubbled between the Hussars and the local population even two centuries after the formation of the Hussars and affected even the newly-raised Seventh Hussars.[1]


The Commanding Officer of the Seventh Hussars in 2765 was Colonel Peelson.[1]


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Composition History[edit]


Seventh Andurien Hussars

Considered to be almost more trouble than they were worth, the Seventh Hussars were rated as a green regiment of questionable loyalty and were stationed on Andurien.[1]


Game Rules[edit]

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