8th Liao Lancers

8th Liao Lancers.jpg
Eighth Liao Lancers
Unit Profile (as of 2765)
Nickname The Old Kentucky Lancers[1][2]
Parent Formation Liao Lancers
Formed Post-2650


The Eighth Liao Lancers were raised as part of the Liao Lancers brigade. As was traditional with the Liao Lancers, approximately one third of their force consisted of citizens of their name world, in this case Old Kentucky. The Eighth was the first of the new Liao Lancer units commissioned after the repeal of the Council Edict of 2650. There is some evidence that the Eighth was created by promoting a Home Guard unit from Old Kentucky to the Lancers brigade.[2] The Eighth was the CCAF's best jungle-warfare unit. The Eighth consisted of two battalions of 'Mechs while their third battalion was a company of engineering vehicles and two companies of combat engineering infantry, supported by an artillery company. The Dancing Caimans battalion possessed the standard BattleMech complement, but each company also had a lance of engineering IndustrialMechs attached to it. These IndustrialMechs were used to create and destroy field positions, as on Ryerson in the Third Andurien War when they destroyed the Wind River Dam.[1]

In 2765 they were stationed on their namesake world.[2]


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Composition History[edit]


Eighth "Old Kentucky" Lancers (2 Battalions)[1]

  • 1st Battalion "Rapscallon's Revenge" - Equipped as a medium 'Mech battalion based on the SLDF Light Horse Regiment.[1]
  • 2nd Battalion "Dancing Caimans"

9th Hyacinth Fighter Wing(Wing)[1]


Eighth "Old Kentucky" Lancers (Regiment/Veteran/Reliable)[2]

Game Rules[edit]

In the Star League Era, the Eighth has a large number of combat engineers. This means that when they are the defender, they may field a ten point command detonated minefield for every friendly unit fielded. During campaigns, the Eighth's technicians reduce the repair skill modifier on the Master Repair Table by one.[3]


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