90th Striker Irregulars (Clan Ice Hellion)

Clan Ice Hellion.jpg
90th Striker Irregulars
Unit Profile (as of 3072)
Parent Formation Beta Galaxy


The Cluster lost several Binaries to Clan Jade Falcon in the Harvest Trials, it was rumoured that the Hellions had lost on purpose so that they could participate in the renewed invasion of the Inner Sphere.[1]

In 3067 the Ninetieth Striker is stationed on the world of Hoard.[2]

In 3070 the Cluster moved to Nouveaux Paris with the rest of Beta Galaxy, arriving in September.[3] Mid 3071 saw Beta together with Zeta Galaxy form the secondary attack force under saKhan Connor Rood. This force moved against Clan Jade Falcon border worlds of the Falcon Occupation Zone, fighting in multiple systems.[4]


In 3059 the commanding officer was Star Colonel Marcus Wick.[1]

As of 3067 the commanding officer was Star Colonel Tracy Rood.[2]


Composition History[edit]


90th Striker Irregulars (2 Trinaries/Veteran/Questionable)[1]

  • CO: Star Colonel Marcus Wick


90th Striker Irregulars (Veteran/Reliable)[2]

  • CO: Star Colonel Tracy Rood



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