AFFS - Military Departments

Military Departments[edit]

There are nine major departments that report directly to the Marshal of the Armies. Though not combat forces themselves, these departments are vital to the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns' ability to conduct operations.[1]

Department of the Army and Navy[edit]

The Department of the Army and Navy oversees all personnel issues, including transfers, staffing, and retirement. They also coordinate with other departments to investigate complaints about poor officers, inappropriate equipment, and supply problems.

Department of Mercenary Relations[edit]

This department appoints liaison officers to the mercenary units employed by the Federated Suns. Soldiers in this department also negotiate contracts and handle administrative tasks. The Department of Mercenary Relations was the successor to an earlier Military Department, the Department of Contractor Relations, which was established after the enactment of the Preparedness Act of 2735. The Department of Contractor Relations was responsible for helping to recruit many of the Star League Defense Force units that remained in the Inner Sphere after the Exodus.[2]

Department of Military Administration[edit]

This department handles all the tasks not covered by other military departments. This department oversees the Medical Corps, Chaplain Corps, and handles payroll for regular forces.

Department of Military Communications and Research[edit]

One of the newer departments, the Department of Military Communications and Research oversees research into HPG systems and joint research projects.

Department of the Quartermaster[edit]

The Department of the Quartermaster handles the procurement of material, parts, foodstuffs, uniforms, ammunition, and everything else the AFFS needs to fight. The Quartermaster Department is also responsible for shipping the appropriate items to the soldiers on the front lines. To facilitate this the Department maintains supply depots in each March, and during major operations keeps the supply lines short by setting up forward supply depots.

Department of Military Education[edit]

The Department of Military Education handles recruiting, training, and education of all AFFS soldiers. It also sets the standards for Federated Suns Military Academies. The DME also maintains the library systems used by the AFFS and the navigational charts used by the AFFS Navy.

Department of Military Intelligence[edit]

The Department of Military Intelligence focuses on collecting, analyzing, and disseminating intelligence to AFFS commands.

Department of Military Justice[edit]

This department oversees the Military Police Corps, as well as the Judge Advocate General corps. The department is responsible for investigating, prosecuting, and punishing criminal activities involving members of the AFFS.

Department of Strategy and Tactics[edit]

Formed during the Federated Commonwealth era, the Department of Strategy and Tactics examines every historical conflict and simulates potential conflicts to develop the grand strategies used by the High Command. The Department also works with the Department of Military Education to create new training materials that incorporate the latest information.


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