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The Uniforms of the AFFS have played an important part in creating esprit de corps in the armed forces of the Federated Suns. While functional and free of ostentatious trappings, variations were allowed so that each military unit could honor the traditions they had built up over centuries of fighting.[1] With the creation of the Federated Commonwealth, changes were made as a compromise to the merging of the AFFS with the LCAF to create a new military organization. Changes to the traditional Federation uniform were inspired by those worn by the Lyran armed forces, particularly the dress uniform, which surprisingly was met with little objection as many Federation soldiers saw these as improvements.[2] After the secession of the Lyran Alliance, many went back to wearing traditionally styled uniforms, a trend which became official policy after the FedCom Civil War.[3]

Dress Uniforms[edit]

Duty Uniforms[edit]


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