Advanced Tactical Missile

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Production information
Type Missile
Tech Base Clan
Year Availability 3060
Technical specifications
Heat Varies
Damage 3/2/1 per missile
Minimum Range 0/4/4
Short Range 3/5/9
Medium Range 6/10/18
Long Range 9/15/27
Tons Varies
Critical Slots Varies by Model
Ammo Per Ton Varies by Model
Cost (unloaded) Varies by Model
Ammo Cost (per ton) Varies by Model
BV (1.0) Varies
BV (2.0) Varies


The Advanced Tactical Missile system (ATM) was developed by Clan Coyote from 3054 to 3060 and allows its users to choose between three different types of ammunition. ATMs also include an integral Artemis IV Fire Control System.

The standard ammo deals two points per missile, like a short-range missile, but has a longer range, albeit with a minimum due to the multi-stage nature of the missiles.

The Extended Range ammo has a correspondingly longer range, with the same multi-stage missile's minimum range, though it deals only one point of damage per missile.

The High Explosive version has a much shorter range since it trades the booster for increased power. This removes the minimum range and allows the missile to deal three points of damage.

For clarity:

Ammo Type Min. Short Med. Long Damage
Standard 4 5 10 15 2/missile
ER 4 9 18 27 1/missile
HE 0 3 6 9 3/missile

ATM's come in four types, each firing more missiles per salvo then the last:

The Advanced Tactical Missile family would later be used as the basis for the Improved Advanced Tactical Missile system that was developed by The Society.[1]


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