Acid (AX) Warhead

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The Acid (AX) Warhead is an alternate SRM ammunition type.


Developed by the New Avalon Institute of Science in response to the heavy use of Ferro-Fibrous armor by the invading Clans and increasing use by the various Successor States, this warhead replaces the normal explosive charge of the standard short-range missile and replaces it with a small tank of a gelled chemical that becomes a highly corrosive acid which targets the foamed aluminum structure of ferro-fibrous plating, dealing a third more damage than a standard SRM hit per missile.[1][2]

While a highly effective first-fire weapon, the acid only works against Ferro-Fibrous armor, inflicting only half the damage of a standard SRM missile against standard armor, and standard and Endo Steel internal structures, making them of only limited use during extended combat. Further, the liquid filled warhead is not as aerodynamically stable as a standard missile, resulting in lower accuracy than a standard missile flight.[1][2]


As it is unknown to what extent these early systems ever ended up in production, the term "availability" should be taken with a grain of salt. Nonetheless, at the time of their development the main Successor States listed here each had, at the very least, a technical understanding of these systems.


The Acid (AX) Warhead is manufactured on the following planets:

Brand Planet Company Used by References
Unknown New Avalon Corean Enterprises Unknown [2]
Unknown Hesperus II Defiance Industries Unknown [2]


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