Alliance of Galedon

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In November 2303 Shiro Kurita orders all Ozawa Mercantile Association facilities bombed.

[2303] - Battle of Sverdlovsk

Sept. 2311-Apr. 2312 Battle of Telos IV - After a full week of some of the heaviest fighting for Telos IV, on the outskirts of Telos' capitol city of Triumph, the Telos Militia's heavier guns ran out of ammunition. Behind devastating barrages of Armored Vehicle and Artillery fire, Galedon troops stormed into the capitol, overrunning Telos' last remaining defenders' stronghold and killing any defender that managed to survive the artillery and tank shellings

Sept.2311-Aug. 2312 Battle of Asgard - Alliance of Galedon troops knew of Asgard's reliance upon its airpower for defense. Within 4 days, the invaders' overwhelming force had destroyed all 3 Wings of Asgard's atmospheric fighters. VTOL gunships flew over the capitol of Vernan City, brutally enforcing a curfew. Any civilian vehicles caught moving were pounced upon and destroyed by rockets or ripped up by heavy machinegun fire. Many locals formed guerilla groups, destroying a few AoG Armored Vehicles, to which the response was swift and destructive, destroying water treatment facilities and other public service facilities not used by the occupiers. Groups of suspected resistence fighters were lined up in city streets and shot. AoG forces randomly bombed and strafed 6 other outlying towns, not bothering with strategic strikes. Most refugees trying to flee the towns by crossing bridges met their fates when AoG snipers picked them off one by one or the bridges where blown up by over-passing VTOL gunships or rigged with pre-set explosives, just waiting for a large grouping to pass over

Sept. 2311-Oct. 2312 Battle of Benjamin– AoG troops surrounded the capitol of Deber City on 3 sides with a large amount of Infantry, backed by a few Armored Vehicles and Artillery guns. In 4 days of fighting, the Benjamin Militia was bottlenecked into the only opening the attackers left open, a narrow pass through the Striker Mountains. Thinking the AoG did not know of the path, the defending Militia hurridly made their way through. Near the exit point, their morale was shattered when they realized an entire heavy Armored Vehicle Battalion was waiting for them