Alpha Galaxy (Clan Star Adder)

Alpha Galaxy
Unit Profile (as of 3067)
Nickname Old Blood and Guts
Parent Formation Clan Star Adder Touman
Formed 2815


Clan Star Adder's Alpha Galaxy was originally formed from the equipment and warriors of the 146th Royal BattleMech Division. The unit has fought in every major conflict that Clan Star Adder has been involved in. It is considered their show piece unit, recieving the best warriors and equipment as is always the first into battle. [1] Alpha Galaxy was rebuilt after the Burrock Absorption by taking in warriors from the decommissioned Beta Galaxy. It made a strong showing in the Harvest Trials, and by 3067 was considered at full strength. [2]


From 3049 the Galaxy Commander was Dante Truscott, and he held the post for well over ten years. [1] By 3067 it was led by Hannibal Banacek.[3]


Alpha lacks speed and prefers longer campaigns. Adept at most terrain it employs it's fighter to wear down an enemy before the heavy and assault units finish the task.[1]

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