Amaris Arms Corporation

Amaris Arms Corporation
Company Information
Interstellar Company No
Primary Site(s) Terra
Primary Products BattleMechs

Amaris Arms Corporation (AAC) was an unsuccessful producer of experimental BattleMechs for the Amaris Empire.


The short-lived BattleMech manufacturer Amaris Arms Corporation was created to produce original-designed 'Mechs for the Amaris Empire. Its first and only production site was located on Terra so that Stephan Amaris could keep close watch over its progress. AAC ultimately ended up spending most of its time and effort designing and producing the failed Matar superheavy BattleMech prototype.[1]

Though initially well resourced, AAC developed a tendency to please their master in the short-term by overestimating their expected results. This would lead to underperformance and producing very little success in research and development efforts. Whether this trend was the result of, or simply exacerbated by, Amaris's leadership style is up for debate. Nevertheless, Stefan Amaris's incompetence in effective leadership developed a mix of shared attitudes and expectations that led to, among other things, poor project management among his underlings. As a result the company's efforts in experimental designs made little headway and ultimately fell by the wayside.

AAC also suffered a great loss in both morale and personnel with the execution of the Matar design staff for their failure in delivering a functional prototype. After effects of this incident included further development delays, increased threat of punitive action, and eventual attempts of corporate staff to flee from Amaris control. The company dissolved via abandonment not too long after Kerensky began his liberation of Terra and its facilities would later fall into the hands of the SLDF. The Matar designs were captured through the aprehension of its project lead, Rifkin Amaris, during his attempted escape. What became of the rest of AAC's projects is still unknown.


Amaris Arms Corporation has a manufacturing center on the following planet:[1]


Components produced on Terra:[1]
Component Type
SAM-RS2 Matar[1] Superheavy BattleMechs


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