Amaterasu (members)

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This article lists all known members of the Amaterasu regiment, ordered by arms, rank superiority and then name. Characters whose rank is currently unknown are listed last.

MechWarriors Name Rank BattleMech

Ngaire McAllister
Tai-sa Unknown

Antonia Chinn
Chu-sa Thor Kanazuchi

Viki Drexel
Chu-sa Shockwave

Danni Haag
Tai-i Arbalest Hellwasp

Caria Gordon
Unknown Storm Raider Skull Crusher

Erin Johnston
Unknown Jupiter Io

Shin Yoshida
Unknown Locust Samuru's Promise
Armor Name Rank Vehicle

Hiroshi Kato
Gunsho Giggins APC The Dragon's Wing
Infantry Name Rank Company

Tomi Nagawa
Sho-sa Gnome Battle Armor

Tamara Skedjil
Tai-i Hauberk Battle Armor Tamara's Rangers

Ona Kozama
Unknown Gnome Battle Armor

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