Anastasia Kerensky

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Anastasia Kerensky
Anastasia Kerensky
Born: 3105[1]
Died: N/A
Affiliation Clan Wolf
MechWarrior of Clan Wolf

Anastasia Kerensky (born 3105[1] - died N/A) is a trueborn MechWarrior from Clan Wolf whose gene-mother is Natasha Kerensky and was born from an Iron Womb on Arc-Royal. She sometimes uses her alias of Tassa Kay when she wants to be free from the burden of her Kerensky bloodname.[2]

Character History[edit]


When she arrived on Dieron, she had to fight for her life as soon as she landed, battling forces of the Draconis Combine, Sea Foxes, Fists, pro-Republic militias, and anarchists. She was able to form a rag-tag mercenary group in order to better their mutual chances for survival. Then they ran into the Exarch. Anastasia and Damien Redburn made a deal where she and her group would help him re-take the local spaceport. In return, she was able to receive a note with the Exarch's seal that allows her to travel the planets with her 'Mech without threat of having it taken from her.[3]


She joined the Republic militia to help repulse the Steel Wolves invasion for her reason of wanting to test them.[4] Anastasia was able to help stop the attacks on the planet from both the Wolves and the Swordsworn and in the process was able to talk to Raul Ortega and allow her to negotiate the honorable withdrawal of Wolf forces from the planet. She promised Ortega that the Wolves would leave and never return.[5] As the DropShips were about to take off from the planet, her true identity was revealed and that she was a trueborn Clan Wolf warrior that held a Kerensky bloodname.

Anastasia Kerensky


Anastasia Kerensky became the leader of the Steel Wolves after defeating Kal Radick.

She later splintered off the Steel Wolves to form the mercenary group Wolf Hunters.

She was part of a coalition of troops fighting against the invasion of former Prefecture IX by Clan Wolf. During this time she captured Star Colonel Alaric Wolf, keeping him as a bondsman for one month.[6] There she briefly made him her student until she allowed herself to lose in a trial, thus releasing him to a rival star colonel. She wanted to instill fear of her into Alaric.

On February 17th 3143, Alaric would return the favor. On the planet of Smolnik in the Buena Military Province of the Lyran Commonwealth, both warriors would meet again; Alaric leading his Shadow Wolves of Clan Wolf's Beta Galaxy and Anastasia Kerensky her Wolf Hunters. After invoking the ritual of Zellbrigen, Alaric defeated Anastasia Kerensky and made her his bondsman.[7] In 3145 she appears to be a full fledged warrior in the new Wolf Empire.[8]


She originally was noted for piloting a customized Ryoken II[9] she obtained from somewhere within the Lyran Commonwealth.[10] She would later pilot a Mangonel after its destruction. After the formation of the Wolf Hunters, she would acquire a Mad Cat Mk IV from Clan Sea Fox. Anastasia is among one of the first MechWarriors to ever use one. On Smolnik this Battlemech was described as having a Wolf Hunters paint scheme; gunmetal gray, with a red cockpit and matching red paw print on the chest. It also had a red Alpha symbol on its right leg and an Omega on its left.[11]


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