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Antares (Satellite)

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Antares Series AS-17 C3ISR Satellite
Production information
Manufacturer Sorcerer Technologies
Use Surveillance
Command & Control
Tech Base Inner Sphere
Chassis Type (Size) Satellite (Medium)
Equipment Rating
Introduced Various
Technical specifications
Mass 45 tons
Structural Integrity 1
Station Keeping Thrust .1G (.02G Flank)
Power Plant Fusion
Fuel (Type/Range) None
Armament None
Armor BAR 10


The Antares Series AS-17 C3ISR Satellite is a military surveillance satellite constructed by Sorcerer Technologies of the Federated Suns. Part of series of satellites built over time for AFFS. The AS-17 C3ISR is not only used by the military, but also House Davion's MIIO branch. The satellite is designed for multiple roles such as; Recon, Command & Control, Communications, intelligence gathering, & surveillance.

These satellite are designed to be deployed over a target world or area and be recovered once its mission is completed. The AS-17 is designed work with constellation or group of same model satellite to give wide spread coverage over a world.

Much of the information on the AS-17 is classified, some details of the AS-17's operations speculated by Intelligence sources. It believed that select number of Antares are given to frontline RCT.[1]

Equipment and Capabilities[edit]

The AS-17 features a armored satellite chassis with 2 tons of BAR 10 grade armor to protected it from attack.

It is equipped with a powerful hyperspectral camera, which ignore effects of concealment used by mimetic armor, ECM, and standard camouflage. It is also equipped with Look-Down Radar, Infrared Imager and High-Rez Image cameras. The craft has 10 tons worth of Communication Equipment which gives the user powerful relay as well immunity from enemy units from trying to exploit the AS-17 capacities.

To prevent its high-tech equipment from being captured, the AS-17 is equipped with self-destruct mechanism.

Equipment Rating[edit]



As of this writing there is no published record sheet for the Antares Satellite.


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