Archer Christifori

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Archer Kendrick Christifori
Born: ???
Died: ???
Affiliation House Davion
Major General
Siblings Andrea Christifori

Character History[edit]

A Major General of the FedCom Civil War, Archer Christifori began his military career in the Clan Wars under Victor Steiner-Davion, winning the Star League Medal of Honor for his bravery during a drop against Clan forces on Huntress. He was one of the only two Operation Bulldog warriors to earn this honor. He later fought for Victor during the FedCom Civil War. Christifori began his involvement in the war because of the death of his sister. He formed his unit the Archer's Avengers (A2 for short) and successfully took Thorin and Muphrid in 3063 and later, after collaboration with the mercenary unit Snord's Irregulars, Odessa. In 3064-3065 Christifori also led Operation Audacity with A2, Phelan Kell and his Clan Wolf-in-Exile and Adam Steiner and his forces. This operation was designed to check the untimely invasion of the Inner Sphere by Clan Jade Falcon during the FedCom Civil War. This was done by jumping deep into the Jade Falcon occupation zone and taking worlds behind their lines.

Christifori and his unit took part in the battles on New Avalon in early 3067. They undertook a diversionary assault on Avalon Island, pretending to be the main assault force to draw loyalist units away from the true intended beachhead on the island's opposite side. Although this action exhausted his troops and incurred heavy casualties, Christifori and at least some of his troops also took part in the assault on Davion Palace, though it remains unclear if they were deployed as an irregular floating "firefighter" unit or acting entirely on their own behalf.

Ultimately, Victor Steiner-Davion did Archer Christifori the favor of sending him back with Jackson Davion to arrest Katherine Steiner-Davion following her unconditional surrender: It was Christifori who got to handcuff and march the captive Katherine Steiner-Davion off from her throne.

His trademark BattleMech was a Penetrator that was modified from its original stock model specifications over time, making use of captured Clan Extended Range Large Laser technology that was salvaged from Clan space. Clan technology has consistently given him an advantage over many Inner Sphere pilots.

Plotlines also suggest that he is romantically involved with his XO, Colonel Katya Chaffee, a native of Thorin and a victim of neural feedback damage.



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