Aris Sung

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Aris Sung (Born ca. 3034 – 5 August, 3072) was a MechWarrior of Warrior House Hiritsu.

He entered into the service of the House at an unusual age of 13 years (he was too old to join the house by regular means) by stealing Crescent Moon and asking for a place in the house before he returned it. He rose through ranks and commanded a company during the siege of Kaifeng. He also participated in the Capellan - St.Ives war.

At Age of 26 in 3060


Aris Sung grew up on Randar as an orphan, and it is implied he was a thief by 3047. He admired House Hiritsu who resided on the world and wanted to join their ranks.

At thirteen years of age Aris Sung won admission to Warrior House Hiritsu by impressing House Master Virginia York with his audacity and maturity when he broke into the Houses's stronghold and stole Crescent Moon. It was at that young age that he merited the ire of future House Master Ty Wu Non, establishing an irascible relationship that lasted throughout Sung’s career with the Warrior House. Sung entered training later than most other applicants, but applied himself and had, by 3051, become a member of House Hirtisu’s infantry battalion. It was in this role that he was present on Gei-Fu to subdue a BattleMech (a Stinger) single-handedly, saving the life of House Master York in the process. This earned him a promotion to the House's BattleMech battalion in the 'Mech he captured.

By 3058 Sung's obvious abilities and brilliant mind had earned him the position of Lance Leader in the BattleMech battalion, and he was instrumental in the attack on Kaifeng. When traitors from within House Hiritsu conspired with the Kaifeng Sarna March Militia to bring down the Warrior House and succeeded in killing House Master Virginia York, Sung advanced to Company Leader, uncovered the conspiracy, and helped the House battle its way to victory.[1]

When the Chancellor chose to tour the Capellan worlds along the St. Ives Compact border, it was Aris Sung and House Hiritsu who oversaw much of his security. Sung’s company was present on Hustaing when the Blackwind Lancers attacked, and the Hiritsu warriors remained near the forefront of the Capellan advance throughout the war.

Together with other Capellan forces, House Hiritsu was present on St. Ives when the CCAF took that world. Sung was often the voice of compassion and reason within the Warrior House during this period, a role that House Master Ty Wu Non encouraged him in, despite their past differences.[2]

Aris Sung died fighting Word of Blake forces in the Magistracy of Canopus in 3072.

Philosophical and/or political views[edit]

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Aris Sung was awarded the Stinger he had defeated when he was promoted from House Hiritsu's infantry to MechWarrior. By 3058, he piloted a Wraith (an unusual design originating from the Free Worlds League) which he painted gunmetal blue and served most of his active career with.


Without the Warrior Houses, the Capellan State would collapse as the eagle falls without her wings.


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