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Type WarShip


The Arkansas was a battleship in service with the Star League Defense Force during the Star League era as the SLS Arkansas. The Arkansas is notable for having been the ship on which Michael Cameron served most of his military career with the Star League Defense Force, serving as the Arkansas' Science Officer and then second-in-command.[1]


The SLDF and the Hegemony Armed Forces before them were known to have operated five classes of battleship. As the Dreanought class was effectively retired after the Reunification War,[2] and as the McKenna didn't enter production until 2652,[3] the Arkansas was therefore either a Farragut, Monsoon or Texas-class battleship.

Relatively few Farraguts and Monsoons have been named in canon, and many of the Texas class appear to have been renamed by the Clans. However, the Monsoon class ships to have been named so far in canon are the Cochran, Barham, Richelie and Thunderer, while the Texas class included a number of ships named after cities, states and regions on Terra, including the Moscow, Nebraska, Perth and Wales. Given that the Texas class appears to have been named after a state within the United States of America, and the class has been positively confirmed as including at least one ship named after one of those states, the Nebraska, it is more likely, but not certain, that the Arkansas - sharing a name with another state in the USA - was a Texas-class battleship. As the Texas was a replacement for the Monsoon class in service, it's unlikely that the Texas and Farragut classes shared naming conventions, but not impossible.


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