Austen-Armstrong Industries/Armstrong Industries/J11 (AC-5)

J11 Autocannon/5
Production Information
Manufacturer Armstrong Industries Armstrong Industries
Usage Field Gun BattleMech Mounted
Weapon Class Autocannon/5 Autocannon/5
Tech Base IS IS
Cost c-bills (unloaded) 125,000 125,000
Reload Cost c-bills 4,500 4,500
Introduced 2600's (TH) 2600's (TH)
Classic BattleTech RPG
Sub Name Towed Armstrong J11 Armstrong J11
Tech Base IS IS
Equipment Ratings /'-'-'/ C/C-C-D/D /'-'-'/ C/C-C-D/D
Technical Specifications
Damage Type B B
AP*Damage Dice
Damage *d6 10*??d6 *d6 10*??d6
Shots per Burst  ??  ?
Splash/Blast Yes Yes
Minimum Range 90 90
Short Range 180 180
Medium Range 840 840
Long Range 990 990
Extreme Range 1,350 1,350
Classic BattleTech
Damage 5 5
Minimum Range 3 3
Short Range 6 6
Medium Range 12 12
Long Range 18 18
General Information
# Crew/Slots crew 8 crew slots 4 crit slots
Encumbering Motorized Infantry
Shots per Reload 20*? 20*?
Shots per Burst  ??  ?
Bursts per Reload 20 20
Power per Shot
Power per Burst
Weapon and Ammo Mass
Mass (UnLoaded) in kg 8,000 8,000
Reload Mass in kg 1,000 1,000
Battle Value
BV (1.0) 70 70
Ammo BV (1.0) 9 9
BV (2.0) 70 70
Ammo BV (2.0) 9 9


(Possibly) Designed by Armstrong Industries of the Free Worlds League, the Armstrong J11 is carried by the SHD-2H Shadow Hawk and the 3026 model of the Vedette.

=== Canon vs Not ===

Not enough fluff exists to flesh out the stats, the RPG Stats are an extrapolation from 180 meters at Short Range to the MechWarrior, Third Edition ranges incorporating the +1 modifier that a "Regular" MechWarrior Starts at in the RPG.

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