Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Mako


The Augustus was a Mako-class corvette in service with the Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces as the LCS Augustus during the Star League era, and in 2787 was one of no less than five squadrons of corvettes assigned to the defense of the Bolson Shipyards, a significant manufacturing facility producing a mixture of freighters and pleasurecraft for the civilian market and JumpShips for the LCAF.[1]

The Bolson Shipyards consisted of five box-like construction bays in orbit around the large moon in the Kyoto system; in early 2787 the Free Worlds League Military had struck at numerous shipbuilding facilities on worlds along the border between the Free Worlds League and the Lyran Commonwealth, destroying or disabling many despite the best efforts of the Commonwealth to defend them. The Bolson Shipyards were a natural target, and the Augustus and the other corvettes from the five assembled squadrons were divided into five groups, each augmented from a contingent of the 53rd Aero Interceptors and assigned to one of five different approaches to the shipyards, all under the overall command of Hauptmann-Kommodore Ustus Tillbert.[1]

The anticipated attack arrived on the 14th of February, when a task force from the Free Worlds League arrived at the zenith jump point. The task force consisted of three squadrons of destroyers augmented by two cruisers and a battlecruiser, and the League WarShips launched their attack on the shipyards after a three-day high-speed approach from the jump point.[1]

The Augustus had the dubious honor of being the first Lyran WarShip to be destroyed in the engagement; an attack on the Augustus by League AeroSpace Fighters was followed up by a combined attack from two destroyers, the FWLS Ripper and the FWLS Tomain, who flanked the Augustus and destroyed her.[1]

The League forces destroyed the Bolson Shipyards, although not in the fashion intended - the League battlecruiser, a former Star League Defense Force WarShip named FWLS Rasalas, broke through the corvette cordon after six minutes of battle and bore down on the Bolson Shipyards, but was disabled as it approached as a result of a suicide run by a Lyran Chippewa fighter. With no control over her trajectory, the crew of the Rasalas abandoned ship and the Rasalas rammed directly into the heart of the Shipyards, perishing along with the yards in a massive explosion.[1]


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