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Auto-Pistol (Hawk Eagle)/RPG4e

Hawk Eagle Auto-Pistol
Production Information
Manufacturer  ???
Usage Foot Infantry Portable

Motorized Infantry

Weapon Class Infantry Weapon
Tech Base IS
Cost (unloaded) 100
Cost (Reload) 10
Introduced FW
Classic BattleTech RPG
Name Hawk Eagle
Tech Base IS
Equipment Ratings
Technology Rating C
Availability Ratings X/F/C
Legality Rating C
Technical Specifications
Damage Type B
Damage Stats
Damage 4B AP*3B BD
Shots per Burst 3
Splash/Blast False
Incendiary False
Minimum Range
Short Range 5
Medium Range 20
Long Range 50
Extreme Range 100
Classic BattleTech
Damage  ???
General Information
Shots per Reload 15
Shots per Burst 3
Bursts per Reload 5
Power per Pack
Power per Shot
Power per Burst
Bursts per Pack
Weapon and Ammo Mass
Mass 0.5 kg
Mass Per Reload  ??? kg
Battle Value
BV (1.0)  ???
Ammo BV (1.0)  ???
BV (2.0)  ???
Ammo BV (2.0)  ???
Notes BURST: 3/2; RECOIL:-1[1]



Produced by Irian Pers-Arms in the Free Worlds League, this weapon is a common side arm for many soldiers. The weapon has two unique capabilities, first is the use caseless ammo and second is its ability to fire three round bursts. A downside to these features is that the weapon is expensive to produce and difficult to maintain. [2]



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